When Kids Talk Back to their Mommy

The kid’s went on Vacation to  Williamsburg VA. I received this picture of the grandkids. I asked if they had been acting up and their mom said of course. I said that is a great way to punish them, give them soft drinks but put it where they can’t reach them.

Boys is stoks


Heading for Dover Delaware

Leaving Williamsburg VA for Delaware. I am fascinated with tunnels especially if they go under water. Where we live in the Texas panhandle you have to drive an hour or so to get to any lake big enough to get a boat on it.

So we set the Garmin up to take us through Norfolk VA then through the Lucius J. Kellam Jr. Bridge Tunnel. The highway takes you out over the bay and then through two separate tunnels befor you reach the other side. Then  on up to Dover, This was the main reason for this trip. Delaware was the only state that we liked having visited all 50 states. Yea this bucket list was complete, now to just amble around until we our ready to go home.

img_2679 img_2681 img_2682 img_2707

Pleasant Point VA.

After visiting the grave we drove over to the Visitors center located down town. We talked with the lady about why we were in town. She asked if we had visited the statue of Chief Cornstalk. We said that we did not know where it was located, so she told us where the river walk was and that is where it was. We parked and walked down to the river walk, their is a wall built up to protect the city in case of a flood. Their were some murals painted on the walls plus the statue was their, it was a beautiful walk. Afterwards we headed for Williamsburg VA where we spent the third night of our trip.

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