Ancester DNA

Back in April of 2016 we went to on a trip back East. I was told that I had some American Indian in me so I looked it up and found that supposedly my 4th Great Grandmother was Shawnee. We went to that area of what is now West Virginia and looked up what I thought was my Sixth Great Grandfather.

My son got me a DNA kit from and so I sent it in. According to it I am 53% Great Britain, 18% Ireland, and 29% other. The other shows 0% Native American. So if I do have any Indian, it is so low that it did not even show up.,

It did support that my family came from England though so that is a good thing. I guess now if I get a chance we will have to plan a trip over their.


A good Book

I had listed some of the books that I have, and one of them was called Jimmy JoCome Sing Jimmy Jo written by Katherine Patterson. One of our fellow Bloggeret’s commented that she had read a lot of Katherine Patterson books and that she did not remember this one. So I decided to read it and it was a great book about a family that lives in West Virginia and they sing old hillbilly type songs. Jimmy Jo is a boy eleven years old who has the gift of singing, and he becomes the well I will leave it at that so maybe you will find a copy of this book and read it.

First Trip after Retirement Part Ten

After eating and then driving around in Cumberland we headed out toward Charleston WV. We drove for a ways and Charlotte was looking for a place to spend the night plus we wanted to go to church for it was Sunday and we missed going in the morniP1060546 Just before getting into Clarksburgng because that would have meant we could not leave out of Winchester until noon or so. Charlotte fond a place in Clarksburg so we drove there to the motel, we freshened up and looked up a church that had an evening service. After church we found a Panera to eaP1060549 at Panerat at it was a nice place and had a nice patio with a beautiful view so we enjoyed relaxing while eating our sandwich. The next morning we headed for Charleston where we spent some time driving around and looking over the state capital of West Virginia.

P1050991 In Memory of Union Soldier P1060552 Comming into Charleston P1060556 Universty of Charleston P1060558 P1060559 P1060563 P1060564 Stonewall Jackson P1060567 P1060571 Abe P1060572 Lincoln P1060574 Abraham Lincoln Created the State of WV P1060576 P1060580 P1060585 P1060586P1060587 P1060592 P1060594 Sign about the State Captial P1060595 P1060596 State Captial P1060597 Charleston VA State Captial P1060599

First Trip after Retirement Part Nine

The next morning we as we were eating our breakfast we were talking what did we want to do today. We were looking at the map of where we were at and of what states we were around, when Charlotte noticed if we go north just a little we can cross into another state and then go west and we would be in West Virginia. We decided it would be kind of neat to eat in three different states so we had breakfast in Virginia drive in to Maryland eat lunch and then to West Virginia for dinner. We loaded up and headed out towards Frederick MD, it was a beautiful drive and as we were driving Charlotte was looking in the AAA book of things to see and do in the area of where we were heading and she noticed a National Park called Harpers Ferry WV so we decided to stop and have a look-see. It was a wonderful experience and they were having a reenactment so there were Union Soldiers walking around, Charlotte said it kind of reminded of her of Williams Berg. I found a bench to set on and was watching people walk by, Charlotte had walked on ahead so after a bit I started walking and looking in some of the buildings when one of the soldiers came up to me he had noticed my hat that said I was a Vietnam Veteran and he said he too was in Vietnam and so we visited for a bit. The history of this place was so interesting; the town had been destroyed by floods, was in the civil war, and it is where John Brown was hanged.

P1060479 Road to Harpers Ferry P1060480 Crossing the river P1060481 Train Tunnel P1060484 St Peter's Roman Catholic Church P1060488 soldier P1060489 P1060490 P1060491 P1060492 P1060493 soldier P1060495 Confedrate uniforam P1060496 Soldier P1060497 Union uniforam P1060498 US Army Qutermaster P1060500 Union camp P1060502 P1060503 Union soldier P1060505 P1060507 P1060508 P1060509 Union Soldier and me P1060510 River at Harpers Ferry P1060513 Harpers Ferry WV

After we finished looking around we headed to Frederick and then west toward Cumberland MD where we stopped to eat.

P1060515 P1060516 P1060518 P1060519 Road on the way to Cumberland MD P1060527 P1060528 P1060529 P1060530 P1060531 P1060532 P1060533 P1060534 P1060535 P1060536 P1060537 P1060540 P1060541 Churches in Cumberland MD