Happy Thanksgiving from the Harbin’s

I would like to say happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends here in America. Also to every one out in blog land.

Charlotte and I are truly blessed by my kids, and grandkids. Even though I have been battling cancer and Charlotte with her health problems we both know that God has blessed us and watched over us while we were going through it.

Our Houston kids, Kansas kids, Could not come for Thanksgiving. Our Amarillo son had to work at the fire department, Amy and the boys were over at her folks. I had planed to take Charlotte to a restaurant so she could have her turkey and dressing for Thanksgiving. We got there at around 10 after 11:00, hoping to get there early enough to beat the crowd. There were people out on the sidewalk and in the parking lot. We decided to go back home and Charlotte made the best home made pizza for lunch. This beat any restaurant food any day of the week.


Thankgiving & Christmas 2016

Not all of our kids were able to come for Thanksgiving. Our Houston kids could not make it this year for Thanksgiving, but our Daughter and her boy fried made it from Kansas. She wont be able to come for Christmas so we celebrated it with her the day after Thanksgiving. It is always so much fun to pass out presents when our grandkids or here to do it with us.
Since we were only to exchange gifts with my daughter and Brian and them with us and the boys. My grandkids were so navyexcited though they had gotten me a present even though they were not supposed to. I opened it and it was a US Navy Christmas ornament. I let them hang it on the tree. They were so excited and found the perfect place to hang it




A few things I am thankful for.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving day here in America. I honestly think that people here in the good old USA have forgotten what Thanksgiving is about. With all the hype about black Friday and shopping. Places used to be closed so they could be home with their family’s. Now days it’s all about getting the dollar.

This year my kids that live out-of-town could not make it here for Thanksgiving. My one son who lives here is a Fireman and was supposed to have worked but he had to call in sick. It rained all day yesterday, so we pretty much stayed indoors all day. My son did call and asked if I could take the part of Thanksgiving dinner which he was supposed to take to work in for him. I told him of course we would, and that it would give me a chance to tell his work buddy’s at the fire station a big thank you for what they do for the people in Amarillo to keep us safe.

We had a niece in town visiting their daughter for Thanksgiving. She had contacted me and said they would love to see us. We do not get to see them all that often so we jumped at the chance. It was so good to see her and her sweet family. The rain was going to turn to freezing rain after dark and they had decided to drive back home to Oklahoma before it started freezing for this system is supposed to last through part of the weekend.

So I am thankful for my family, my home, my country, for all the first responders, our military personnel at home and abroad helping keep us safe. And most of all my God and savior for all he has done for me and my family.

Thanksgiving 2013

While we were visiting our kids down by Houston for Thanksgiving. We were having a great time hanging out with the family. We made the 630 mile trip down on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and had planed to drive back the Saturday after. The Houston kids wanted us to stay one more day so we went ahead and stayed. Of course it happened they finely got me to go shopping with them but they had to promise to take me to Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen to eat, we love this place and every time we go down there we make it point to eat there. After this we went to one of those outlet malls so the girls could shop and one of my sons need to get him a suit. It was colder ┬áthan usual so I found a place in the sun out of the wend to set and wait for them to finish up. The temperature there was in the 40’s which for me was not that bad as long as I stayed out of the wend, it’s usually in the 70 and 80’s so the kids that live there was freezing, but the rest of us are from the Panhandle of Texas where it can get well below freezing this time of year. Afterwards we drove down too Galveston Texas which was about 30 miles away. We went to a place called Moody Gardens where there are several things to see. They were having what was called the festival of lights and that was all we had a chance to look at. Charlotte and I left out around 7:00 Sunday morning to drive home, it took us right at 10 hours to get home.

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Happy Thanksgiving

I have so much to be thankful for, a Loving God and children and grandchildren who love me. We came down to Houston to see our kids for thanksgiving and also to celebrate my oldest grandsons 18 Th. birthday. Our other son and his P1090996kids were able to come down also, so we have all four of our grandsons together and it is great seeing them all together. The younger two look up to their older cousins and just follow them around every where they go. Their poor old dog is about 11 years old and she don’t know what to think about these two young ones but she will just lay there and let them hug and pet her. The daughter was unable to make the trip and she was truly missed by me and the wife, but her brothers said it was great for they got more attention without her.

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First Trip after Retirement Part Seven

The next morning we were up early had breakfast loaded up and we were P1060376 on the road again_edited-1off again. We had discussed going into Washington DC but for the second time in my life time decided against it ( I will be going to DC this spring 2013). Charlotte had read about a town called Winchester VA being a great town to retire in so we decided to drive up to it. As we were driving again she was just looking through the AAA book and she was reading about Berkley Plantation where Benjamin Harrison and also President William Harrison was born, this also was the home of the first Thanksgiving and where Taps was written and played on a bugle. There was no big highway to drive on until we would get to Williamsburg but since we decided to go to the plantation we continued on smaller roads, it was slower driving but a whole lot prettier.

P1060389 Front of the house P1060392 When house was built P1060394 Cannon ball in wall P1060396 Abe Lincon visits P1060397 Side of the house P1060398 P1060400 Site of the first Thanksgiving P1060400 P1060401 Memorial sign for Taps P1060403 First Tanksgiving was held P1060407 What it says about the youngest boy to recive the Medal of Honor P1060408 Vew from memorial of yougest medal of honor holder_edited-1 P1060410 Markers for the grave yard P1060411 Memorial for the signers of the Declartion of Independence P1060412 Marker for the grave yard P1060414 Plaque for Bejamin Harrison P1060416 Grave stone for farther and mother P1060417 First thinksgiving P1060418 Grounds P1060419 Back of the house