First Fire in the Fireplace 2017

We are having an Ice storm in our part of Texas. So far we have received a little over 3/4 inch rain and the Temp out side is hovering around 32 Degrees F. So I decided since we are going to be stuck at home it was time to have a fire.



First full day in Kauai

Up and ready to do some site seeing. After breakfast we boarded the bus and headed out. This island is so beautiful, their has been several movies made on here. King Kong, Jurassic Park, Blue Hawaii, and others that I can’t remember. Our first stop was a sugar plantation called Grove Farm. The Wilcox family moved here in 1837. Although we did not see any sugar cane where we were which was their home, it was beautiful there.

After words we headed up to Waimea Canyon State Park. It was a beautiful ride up to the top, you could look down on the bay and see the beaches, and Island off in the distance. We were told that this canyon is the Grand Canyon of Hawaii. Only 30% of this island is inhabited, the rest is mountains and rain forest. it receives 480 inches of rain each year thus all the water falls.

After coming back down we stopped in Koloa around some local restaurants and of course stores. Being from Texas we haven’t had any Mexican food since we left the mainland. We noticed a restaurant called Tortilla Republic, so we decided to try it. We both order the pulled pork burrito. It was wonderful, the pork had a lot better flavor than the pork at the luau.

Later that afternoon a lot of the group gathered around the fire pit and enjoyed just visiting with one another.

Welcome to Maui Hawaii

After viewing the Volcano on the Big Island we headed back down to the Hilo airport. We flew out to Maui, which was about a 30 min. flight. after loading on the bus and heading for the Royal Lahaina, It was around 7:30pm when we arrived. We all went to our rooms dropped of our luggage and headed down to the on sight restraint. Charlotte had a Salad with Salmon and she loved it, I chose BBQ ribs which I enjoyed but they weren’t as good as the ones back home in Texas.

Going to Oldest Grandson’s Graduation. Day 1

We decided about a week before time to go to Pearland Texas to see our grandson walk across the stage and receive his High school diploma, that we would leave early and see parts of Texas that we have not seen. My wife has a cousin that lives in El Paso Texas and we have never been to that part so we decided to visit their.

We have some good friends who told us about a wonderful lodge in Ruidoso New Mexico so we decided we would go there first and spend the night. On the way we went through the town of Roswell NM which has the reputation of having UFO (Unidentified Flying Object.) They have a beautiful court-house and out on the front lawn a memorial to all of their military men who were killed in the different wars. Also a monument of the Ten Commandments in stone. We stopped at the McDonald’s for a soda pop and Charlotte had to take a picture of there sign.

McDonald's sign Roswell sign Ten Comandments in Roswell War memorial at Roswell court house

After leaving Roswell we headed on to Ruidoso NM. The town was a lot bigger than I thought it would be and it was a beautiful town. We found our Lodge and our friends were right it was nice.

from our front porch Our room at Shadow Mountin Lodge Room in Shadow Mountin Lodge

After checking in we went back into town and had dinner at the Corner Stone Bakery. We both had the Jalapeno and Cheddar hamburgers it was to die for. The bun was made right there in the bakery and when they put the bun on the grill the cheese would melt out on to the burger man it was good and fresh.

A great day with some of my family

Yesterday was our 48th wedding anniversary and we had a great day. First we took our usual walk in the neighborhood. We had talked about going someplace but we everywhere we would like to go is so far away. I told Charlotte to pick someplace where she would like to eat and as usual we, “she” really could not think of any place for we always go to the same old places. So I ended up taking her to Johnny Carino’s, and she had one of her favorite meals Pecan crusted salmon and I had Italian sausage spaghetti. Our Amarillo kids had gone down to Palo Duro Canyon to get one last camping in before school started and they had invited us to come down for supper. It was a beautiful day to go down, it was a little warm but setting in the shade was not too bad, plus their new camping trailer had air conditioning. While we were setting around the campfire we saw a turkey and some deer walking around the campsites. When it started getting dark we roasted some marshmallows to make smores and then told some ghost stories of course they weren’t to scary because the little ones told most of the stories. At the end of a wonderful day we came home and we had a phone message from my cousin wishing us a happy anniversary and a wedding anniversary card left in our door from Charlotte’s cousin.

P1090165 P1090304 P1090306 P1090310 P1090315 P1090316 P1090320 P1090321

Sunset Cruse Texas

Our Houston kids have been taking sailing lessons and or now qualified to take sailing boats out in the Gulf of Mexico. They have one more class where they go out for three days and so Mama and I went down to watch the boys. We used to call it baby setting but not anymore because one of them is eighteen and the other one is fifteen. I thank my son was using that as an excuse to get us down here, as if we needed an excuse we would come down at the drop of a hat. Our kids have leased a 31 foot sailboat for a year and so our first night there we took the boat out into Galveston bay near Kemah Texas. The eighteen year old was at football practice and was unable to go with us on the boat, it was only about 20 minutes from where the kids live to Kemah where the boat is docked, so after our daughter-in-law got of work she met up with us. We had supper then got on board the boat then off we sailed. We had such a good time and watching my son and daughter-in-law who was raised in the Texas panhandle along ways away from water handle the boat and sails. We would sail with the wind and against the wind; they had no problems handling the boat. My fifteen year old grandson was an excellent mate handling the sails when his dad told him what to do he was more than happy to do it.


Jeremy and Colten


Jeremy and Charlotte


Colten 2nd Mate








Aubry 1st Mate




Kemah by Houston Texas

P1090250 P1090253 P1090254 P1090258 P1090259 P1090261 P1090265 P1090271 P1090279 P1090280 P1090282 P1090283

Watch Out Texas

My daughter-in-law drove up from Houston Texas to Amarillo Texas by wayP1090212 P1090213 of Stopping in Dallas Texas today. My second grandson just turned 15 and as just gotten his learners permit to drive, and so she let him drive the last two hours of the trip. It was so weird seeing him behind the wheel when they pulled up in the drive. My wife figured that he would be driving so she met them and took these pictures. My son and the oldest Grandson will be here later for they both had to work so they our driving straight through which takes anywhere from 11 to 12 hours, well they have upped the speed to 75 mph most of the way now so they might make it in 10 hours I guess we will wait and see when they get here.

I was able to get a Little Info on my Parents.

We stopped by today to visit my uncle, he is 90 years young and is living inMom and dad a nursing home. While visiting the subject of my mom who is his sister and my dad came up. He was telling me how good of a cook my mother was and how she made wonderful cake and pies. He was saying how he and his wife my other uncle and his wife would come over to my house to have some deserts. Both of my parents are dead, dad has been gone for about 36 years and mom passed on about 10 years ago. Mom was 15 and dad was 25 when they were married, I asked my uncle how my folks met. He told me that Dawson’s were farmers and moved to Cordell Oklahoma from Texas to farm some land, and the Harbin’s were farmers and moved from Alabama and had a farm just a few miles away and they became friends. I asked my uncle if his mom and dad minded that my mother was married so young and he told me that they did not mind and that they felt he could take good care of her.

I just wish I had been interested in all this back when my folks were alive and I am very thankful that my uncle still has enough of his mind that he can remember this info. He is the only living relative that was around when my folks were young.

Happy Birthday America, 2013

The Amarillo Globe News has been sponsoring fireworks for the past 59 years and the Amarillo Symphony has been playing for the last 3 years. I only took a couple of pictures of the fireworks so it does not give it the looks of the way it was. After the sun went down the fireworks started and they were coordinated with the music from the symphony it was wonderful, but you would have to been there to get the whole experience. The last two years we have not had a full-time conductor for the symphony, the conductor was just chosen and this was his first concert after accepting the job. The Texas panhandle is known for being windy but last night was perfect very little wind. The night before though was a different story most of the second chair players had to fight the wind while trying to turn the music so the new conductor was broken in to this part of the country.
Deflating after the flight.Bob on the key board also plays at our churchThe new conductor_edited-1

Part of the SymphoneyEvening in the parkA beutiful sunset in the Texas panhandel

FireworsWatching fireworks

Birthday boy 6 years old

My how time flies Riley turned 6 back on the 25 of April 2013. I remember No papa that is my cherry you can get some out of the fridgewhen we found out that he was on his way, Charlotte and I was on a trip toSee what mama made me Galveston Texas to catch a cruise ship, we had stopped in Houston to visit with our other son and his family. I thought I would check our e-mail and we had one from our kids back in Amarillo Texas, there was an attachment of a sonogram and a note saying we were going to be grandparents again.

King birthad boy Lets party P1090002 P1090033 Rileys new car