Topping off the First full day in Maui.

After we were through sightseeing we came back to the Motel. Went up to our room and relax out on the balcony for a while and just enjoyed the tropical breeze. We dressed up a little and met the group down in the lobby. The hotel staff escorted us to the Luau which was adjacent to the Royal Lahaina. The sunset was beautiful, they announced that if any one wanted to see them bring the cooked pig up from the fire pit to come on up. There was such a crowd their, we decided to just stay seated. I was disappointed a little in the Luau for it was so over crowed you could not get around very well. I feel it would have been better if they could have smaller crowds. The food was great though, well not all of it, the poi was not to good all though there were some people who liked it.

It started raining about the time we were to eat. So the staff passed out plastic ponchos to every one. the hard rain held off until every one was through eating. The dancers started and it was neat watching them, but the rain started getting harder. Was also getting windy which made it cold, Charlotte and I decided to leave and go back to the room. After we made it to the room we looked out the window and the rain was coming down sideways instead of straight down. I told Charlotte that this looks like the way it rains at home.