First full day in Maui

We were up and had breakfast, loved the view from the restaurant. After words we loaded on to two smaller buses. we found out later why we needed the smaller bus. After we drove awhile we headed into the Haleakla Volcano National Park. The roads had a lot of sharp S curves, thus the need for smaller buses. On the way up we saw several beautiful rainbows. At the top there were a few telescopes, some belonged to the Hawaii University, and some to the US Government. We also saw a plant there that once it bloomed it died, It might live for years before it does bloom. This plant is called a Ahainahina Plant.

After we came back down we headed to a local farm. The name of it is O’O Farm’s. This is where we had lunch, The salad was literally  picked, washed and served 30min’s before we set down to eat. It was so fresh, they explained what all was in it. Every thing was eatable. There was a flower in it that we were told that it had kind of a nutty taste I loved it but it did have kind of a hot taste to it. They also grow their on coffee and Tea. They supply Veggies to the Pacific’O Restraints found in Hawaii and California.

Next we headed for the Mo Valley Overlook before heading back to the Hotel. This was a fun and beautiful day.


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