Heading Home.

After visiting the National Park there in Ohio, we talked about where to go next. We finely decided that it was time to head toward Amarillo. We headed Southwest and spent the night in Brazil IN.

The next morning up early and heading toward Oklahoma City. This was going to be a long days driving. We stopped for lunch somewhere in Missouri. We were spending the night in Oklahoma city, we should reach OKC sometime around 7pm. I called my niece to see if she could call her brother and meet us someplace for dinner. She said he was cooking out hamburgers and asked if we would join them. We had a great time seeing and visiting with them.

We slept in, then drove the last 260 miles home. This ended the 17 day and around 5417 mile trip.


Where two mighty rivers join together.

After leaving Poplar Bluff we continued heading east. We went into three states in just a few minuets. We left Missouri, crossed the Mississippi River into Illinoi, there was a cute little town called Cairo IL it was founded in 1858 and is the furthest southern town in Illinois.. Then we crossed the Ohio River into Kentucky. The two rivers meet here and then from their on it is the Mississippi River.

img_2501 img_2503 img_2505 img_2506


Leaving Maui for Kauai

We are leaving Maui and our flight does not leave until around 11:30. So we slept in again, then we met our friends down for breakfast. after retrieving our luggage from our room we set down in the lobby waiting for our busIMG_1828 to the airport. After saying one last goodbye we loaded up for the long ride to the airport. We passed by a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop, it made me think about the new one they had built back home in Amarillo. We have a local donut shop back home called The Donut Stop and they or hard to beat. Anyway the Krispy Kreme did not last long before they closed their doors.

After getting to the airport we boarded the plane for the 45 min flight to Kauai. It was a very cloudy day but as the plane flew over Pearl there was an opening in the clouds, I could see the Arizona and the Missouri down below. After landing we went to a shopping mall that had several places to eat so we could get some lunch. We loaded back on the bus and headed back pass the airport to the Kauai Beach Resort. We spent the rest of the day walking around and looking over the beach, then to Shutters Lounge on site for dinner. I had a great burger and fries and Charlotte had a veggie Pizza.


First Trip after Retirement Part Thirteen

P1060750 Arch in St Louis MOAfter leaving Lincoln City we headed west through Illinois to St Louis MO, we decided to stop and spend the night just on the other side of St Louis in a town called St Charles MO. After reading up on St Charles we discovered that this was where the first state Capital was located and also Lewis and Clark worked out of this area. After sight seeing we headed west across Missouri in to Kansas where our daughter lives, we state with her several days and then on home to Amarillo ending a 4000 something mile 14 state trip.

P1060827 P1060819 P1060812 P1060809 This trail was and old railroad track that has been removed and it goes for severial miles P1060807 P1060800 P1060798 P1060796 P1060795 P1060792 P1060790 P1060787 P1060786 P1060783 P1060782 P1060779 P1060775 P1060771 P1060766 P1060765 P1060764 P1060763 P1060762 P1060761 P1060759