Mom at the Helm

We went to Kemah Texas over the weekend to celebrate our son and daughter in-law birthday. We  had a great time with them Friday then Friday night we took them and our two grandsons plus their girlfriends out for a birthday dinner.

My son and daughter in-law live on their 40 foot sail boat. Every time we have been down there he has had some project going refurbishing the boat that he couldn’t take us out on it. So Saturday around noon we headed out into Galveston Bay. The wind was blowing around 25 knots so it was a little rough but the boat handled great. They extended the Jib sail out about half way and the back sail about the same. For as windy as it was we sailed verily smooth. We were doing around seven knots out to the ship channel. we sailed around for a couple of hours it was so relaxing for me and Charlotte of course the Kids and their friend who came along as a mate did all the work. We had a great time with the kids, but the weather back home was forecasting snow so we decided to cut the trip short and head home Sunday.

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Deciding what to do next.

Monday 05/25/2015. Jeff and Amy broke camp and headed for home, We got up and around and after breakfast CeAnne headed back to Kansas. We were going to go over to Tyler Texas and visit with some friends that just moved there. We knew that they had been getting a lot of rain there and the weather channel was saying that they were to get 4 to 5 more inches. After talking it over we decided to go ahead and go to Houston.

Our sonMom eating a Firebirds Jeremy hast to leave on a business trip early Tuesday morning and that was one of the reasons we had thought about detouring through Tyler. It was a little cloudy but it was a nice day so far. We spotted a Firebirds Burritos as we were driving through Bryan Texas so we stopped for lunch. As we were leaving the restaurant it came a good down poor but it did not last long thank goodness. We talked with the kids and they said they would be at Kemah Texas where the boat they had bought was kept. Jeremy and Aubrey have been working on it getting it ready to sail. We made it there in plenty of time to visit with the kids and see their boat.

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A Sunset Sail

P1100965Jeff, Amy, and two boys have not been on the sail boat, so Jeremy had it checked out for Saturday evening. We went to Kemah Texas that is where the boat is docked. Jeremy looked the boat over to make sure it was ready for us to take out. We loaded up then watched as Jeremy and Aubrey did their thing, backing that big long boat away from the pier and then slowly working their way around all the other boats around Kemah and then out into the bay. It was a beautiful evening for sailing, in fact off in the distance we could see a sail boat regatta going on. The two little ones had a blast especially when their uncle Jeremy let them steer the boat.

A sailor like his poppyKemah at night Noah driving the boat P1100964 P1100967 P1100971 P1100974 P1100975 P1100980 P1100981 P1100983 P1100988 P1100996 P1110005 P1110011 P1110015 P1110018 P1110025 Riley driving the boat

Sunset Cruse Texas

Our Houston kids have been taking sailing lessons and or now qualified to take sailing boats out in the Gulf of Mexico. They have one more class where they go out for three days and so Mama and I went down to watch the boys. We used to call it baby setting but not anymore because one of them is eighteen and the other one is fifteen. I thank my son was using that as an excuse to get us down here, as if we needed an excuse we would come down at the drop of a hat. Our kids have leased a 31 foot sailboat for a year and so our first night there we took the boat out into Galveston bay near Kemah Texas. The eighteen year old was at football practice and was unable to go with us on the boat, it was only about 20 minutes from where the kids live to Kemah where the boat is docked, so after our daughter-in-law got of work she met up with us. We had supper then got on board the boat then off we sailed. We had such a good time and watching my son and daughter-in-law who was raised in the Texas panhandle along ways away from water handle the boat and sails. We would sail with the wind and against the wind; they had no problems handling the boat. My fifteen year old grandson was an excellent mate handling the sails when his dad told him what to do he was more than happy to do it.


Jeremy and Colten


Jeremy and Charlotte


Colten 2nd Mate








Aubry 1st Mate




Kemah by Houston Texas

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