Thankgiving & Christmas 2016

Not all of our kids were able to come for Thanksgiving. Our Houston kids could not make it this year for Thanksgiving, but our Daughter and her boy fried made it from Kansas. She wont be able to come for Christmas so we celebrated it with her the day after Thanksgiving. It is always so much fun to pass out presents when our grandkids or here to do it with us.
Since we were only to exchange gifts with my daughter and Brian and them with us and the boys. My grandkids were so navyexcited though they had gotten me a present even though they were not supposed to. I opened it and it was a US Navy Christmas ornament. I let them hang it on the tree. They were so excited and found the perfect place to hang it





Blizzard of 2015 in Amarillo Texas

We are having a nice little snow storm here in the Texas Panhandle. The snow flakes does not seam to be all that big but the 20 and 30 mile an hour winds with gust up to 50 miles an hour has the snow drifting up. I heard of one report of a snow drift being 29″ deep so far. We have kids in from South Texas and also from Kansas, they are not supposed to go home till Tuesday but they may have to stay a little longer which want hurt my feelings.

IMG_1433 IMG_1434 IMG_1437

Kids invited us to come along on their camping trip. Day 1

We have been having a lot of rain lately here and down in Fort Worth Texas where we were going. Our kids had invited us to go with them, they were going to go camping at a place called Jellystone RV park just South of Fort Worth Texas in the town Burleson Texas. We left early Friday morning 05/22/2015 for the six-hour drive to our motel which was only about 4 miles away from the camp ground.
We drove thru some rain but it was not bad for us. My daughter was coming also and she left her home in Kansas, her drive was going to be about seven hours. We had no problems getting there, but our daughter on the other hand had heavy rain, road construction to deal with in Oklahoma and when she got into Texas, so it took her around 9 hours to get there. The kids pulling the travel trailer made it safely also. Jeff got their camp-site set up and we met them at the park. It was raining some so we decided to go into town for dinner. After eating at a place called Fuzzy Tacos, we went back to the trailer and visited until time for everyone to turn in for the night..

Sterling Kansas

Time to come home from the daughter’s house. We decided that since our oldest grand son has started college in Kansas we would go home a different way so we could go by and see him. He had to be at his collegeP1110300 the week before his classes started so he could start football practice. So he had been doing what they call two a days for his first week there. That means he had to get up early and go out to the field for practice, stop for lunch and some meetings then back out for practice again.

We had called him the night before to let him know we were coming by to see him on the way home. He did not have practice on Sunday and we said we should be there around 10:30 that morning. We got there and found his dorm, the school has a beautiful campus. We called him on his phone but P1110284no answer. Charlotte said she would go in and ask if they could go to his room to get him. Well they took her down to his room. She knocked on the door, his room-mate opened the door and Caleb was still in bed. He saw it was his Maw maw and he jumped up, he told her she better go back to the car before she sees something she did not want to see since this was the men’s dorm.

Sterling is a small little town and it does not have a big selection of places to eat, so we went to a nearby town to eat lunch. After lunch we drove him P1110279back to the college, said our good byes and headed for home for we still had about 6 hour drive ahead of us.



P1110282 P1110283 P1110289 P1110293 P1110301 P1110303

Olathe Kansas

Charlotte was looking in the Kansas travel magazine. She saw an article about Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop-Farm which is located in Olathe Kansas. The article talked about this was a stop on the Santa Fe trail and how the Mahaffie’s located here and built there farm. How they would raise their own crops, and take care of the fresh horses for the stagecoach company.

We drove to Olathe to check out the farm. Even though it is in town now it is still a working farm, You can take a walking tour for six dollars and it is worth it. The employees there dress in the Style of the day. They had their own blacksmith to build horse shoes, repair wagon wheels, and tools for the farm. There is a real stagecoach pulled by two horses that you get to ride in so you can have the feel of what it was like. The house and a few of the other buildings are the original buildings. Before we left we also went through the museum.

I love me a good hot dog with chili and onions. My daughter and some of her friends told me about a place called New York Dawg Pond in Overland Park Kansas. I love them they had great flavor with the fresh buns, wieners, and the chili was to die for. Oh yea for you that or vegetarian you can order a dawg and they will put in a carrot instead of a wiener. Of course there was a big shopping mall there that my daughter loves to go to, so while we were that close I had to take the misses shopping there.

P1110161 P1110163 P1110165 P1110168 P1110172 P1110175 P1110176 P1110180 P1110187 P1110190 P1110196 P1110200 P1110201 P1110214

On the road again (A)

After staying a few days at my daughter’s home in Kansas we packed up the car and all three of us headed out. We had told our daughter about the Bridges of Madison County from when we took our trip in August of 2012 and she had told us that she would like to go up there some day. So we left Kansas drove up through Kansas City Mo. Headed north to Iowa. We stopped off at a couple of the covered bridges and then drove around in the town of Winterset Iowa where some of the bridges or located also this is the town where John Wayne was born.

Holliwell Bridge How did the chicken cross the river IMES Bridge P1090407 P1090420 P1090422 P1090432 P1090433 P1090435_edited-2 P1090438 P1090440 P1090441 P1090442 P1070415 John Wayne (The Duke) Birth Place Home

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On the road again

We have been planning a trip to Deerfield Illinois for my navy ships reunion. We decided to go early to my daughter’s home in Kansas but on the way instead of driving straight threw we would stop in Ada Oklahoma to see Charlotte’s aunt Betty, and then to Krebs Oklahoma and see my cousin Danny, we have not seen them for a few years and usually it would be at some ones funereal, so this time we wanted to see them just because we wanted too. It was still dark when we left Amarillo heading east and there was just a sliver of a moon,P1090405 I was surprised it showed up this good considering I was doing about 75 MPH and Charlotte’s took this out the window of the car. After visiting the kinfolks we headed to P1090406Tulsa Oklahoma where we spent the night. I wanted to look at some motor-homes, and travel trailers at one of the camper places where our son had purchased his travel trailer. I found a motor-home I liked and Charlotte found a travel trailer she liked, needless to say we did not buy one yet.

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Second Trip after Retirement Part Twelve

This will be the last blog about our second trip, I have truly enjoyed writing and shearing the photos and it helped me relive the trip again. After leaving Pella P1070402 Iowa State Captialwe headed toward Des Moines Iowa where we had lunch down town at the Old Spaghetti Works it was great then we drove to the State Capital it is a beautiful building and grounds. After words we talked about how close we are to the bridges of Madison county which we had read the book with the same name. So I suggested we are this close we might as well go and look them over so she put it into the Garmin and a way we went.

P1070391 P1070393 P1070397 P1070398 P1070401 Polk County Court House P1070403 View of down town from the State Captial Iowa P1070404 P1070405 Inside the State Captial P1070407 Inside the Iowa State Captial P1070408 The dome from inside the Iowa State Captial P1070409 P1070411 Iowa State Capital P1070412 Iowa State Captial

We drove to Winterset Iowa where the bridges or close by. We went to the information bureau where we picked up some info about the bridges, there is only one that you can drive over so we went out to it and drove over the bridge. We drove around town and we found something that I never knew aboP1070415 John Wayne (The Duke) Birth Place Homeut the duke you know John Wayne. He was born as Marion Morrison on May 26 1907 in Winterset Iowa. We drove by the house and the whole yard was full of American flags there was no place to park for the city was working on the roads so Charlotte just took a picture as we were driving by.  we decided after this that we would head for our daughters house in Kansas where we stayed a few days before heading back home.

P1070414 Cedar Covered Bridge the only one that can be driven over P1070416 In Winterset Iowa P1070417 Howlliwell Bridge P1070418 Howlliwell Covered Bridge near Winterset Iowa P1070419 Looking through Imes Bridge P1070422 Imes Covered Bridge in St Charles Iowa

Second Trip after Retirement

Charlotte has been working on here family tree and while looking she found that her great, great, grandfather lived in Iowa and she had never heard that before. So she kept looking and was having some problems for there was at least three Francis Xavier Guyette in this area. We are members of genealogy club here in Amaril??????????????lo that meets in one of our libraries and they suggested we call the library in the town closes to the county he was from. A sweet lady up there e-mailed Charlotte and gave her some information about how the town where he was from only has like three buildings and a cemetery left there but that she might get in touch with an  Immaculate Conception Church in Elma in  ????????????????????????Howard County Iowa. The lady said they had some old records from the town and Lourdes Catholic church. We talked it over and said that ???????????????????????we would like to go north any way for we have not been to Iowa or Minnesota. We drove to our daughters in Kansas, stayed the weekend then when she left for work we headed toward Iowa.

We went to the town of Elma first and went to the church, the lady there was so nice she pulled the records for Lourdes from back in med 1800 and let us go through them and we found an F X Guyette Sr., F X Guyette Jr., and F X Guyette third. The lady gave us the directions to get to the town of Lourdes and when we got there the records that we had copied told us where to look for the graves and we found them.

P1060912 At Lourdes Cementery P1060911 P1060909 P1060908 P1060907 Grave stones P1060906 P1060905 P1060904 P1060901 P1060899 Church at Lourdes Iowa

Afterwards we drove to Cresco this is the town that the library was in that Charlotte had called. We stayed here for a couple of nights while we did some research on her family and we found some written material on them at the library. We are having trouble with F X Guyette Sr. and Charles Guyette they both just seem to disappear at Iowa.

P1060913 P1060914 P1060916 P1060918 P1060919 P1060920 P1060922 P1060923 P1060925 About Guyette family P1060926 P1060927 P1060928 P1060931 P1060933 P1060935 Howard County Court House Iowa P1060937 P1060938 P1060939 Down Town Cresco Iowa P1060942 Monument in Cresco Iowa

First Trip after Retirement Part Thirteen

P1060750 Arch in St Louis MOAfter leaving Lincoln City we headed west through Illinois to St Louis MO, we decided to stop and spend the night just on the other side of St Louis in a town called St Charles MO. After reading up on St Charles we discovered that this was where the first state Capital was located and also Lewis and Clark worked out of this area. After sight seeing we headed west across Missouri in to Kansas where our daughter lives, we state with her several days and then on home to Amarillo ending a 4000 something mile 14 state trip.

P1060827 P1060819 P1060812 P1060809 This trail was and old railroad track that has been removed and it goes for severial miles P1060807 P1060800 P1060798 P1060796 P1060795 P1060792 P1060790 P1060787 P1060786 P1060783 P1060782 P1060779 P1060775 P1060771 P1060766 P1060765 P1060764 P1060763 P1060762 P1060761 P1060759