First full day in Kauai

Up and ready to do some site seeing. After breakfast we boarded the bus and headed out. This island is so beautiful, their has been several movies made on here. King Kong, Jurassic Park, Blue Hawaii, and others that I can’t remember. Our first stop was a sugar plantation called Grove Farm. The Wilcox family moved here in 1837. Although we did not see any sugar cane where we were which was their home, it was beautiful there.

After words we headed up to Waimea Canyon State Park. It was a beautiful ride up to the top, you could look down on the bay and see the beaches, and Island off in the distance. We were told that this canyon is the Grand Canyon of Hawaii. Only 30% of this island is inhabited, the rest is mountains and rain forest. it receives 480 inches of rain each year thus all the water falls.

After coming back down we stopped in Koloa around some local restaurants and of course stores. Being from Texas we haven’t had any Mexican food since we left the mainland. We noticed a restaurant called Tortilla Republic, so we decided to try it. We both order the pulled pork burrito. It was wonderful, the pork had a lot better flavor than the pork at the luau.

Later that afternoon a lot of the group gathered around the fire pit and enjoyed just visiting with one another.