After the storm.

Praise the Lord here in Amarillo the ice storm in our part of town wasn’t to bad. After staying in the house all weekend we woke up to about 3″ of snow. Last night after it started getting dark the temps started dropping and so the rain turned into snow. This morning the clouds started breaking up and the sun is peaking out. I haven’t seen the reports on how much liquid we received by the snow but before it fell we have had 2 1/4″ of rain the past 48 hours. This should help break the drought we have here.



God’s Blessings

Last year around this time we were in the midst of a severe drought. We Rain Buckets 05192015 Street tring to become a river 05192015are still in a drought but the good Lord has blessed us with some much needed rain. We have a lake about 50 miles from here and it had gone from 99 feet deep to around 33 feet because of the drought, Since the first of the year we have had over 5″ of rain and today we received almost 2 more inches. The weather men here said that Lake Meredith has risen about 5′, it is now at about 48 feet so all the little rains and this one has made a big dent in the drought. We also have two more smaller lakes that have risen about 9′.

Rain 05192015