My Story of Fighting Cancer. part 4.

I was finely released from the hospital and it felt so good to be home. After being home for a bit Charlotte asked me what sounded good to eat, I said sausage and biscuits. Before I knew it she had called our daughter-in-law to come over and baby set me while she ran to the store to get some groceries.

My sweet daughter-in-law came in and kept me company. I told her I was fine and that she did not need to stay. Well she told me to hush. She is a breast cancer survivor and so we compared chemo stories.

When Charlotte came in from the store she made home made biscuits and cooked up some sausage. Poor thing she went to all that trouble but I just could not eat very much, but it was good. I was still having problems eating any thing that reminded me of the hospital. I also had to be careful saying that something sounded good because she would head to the store to get it. I know some days she would run to the store three or four times a day.


Growing up

We knew this day was coming. My two youngest grandsons only live about 4 blocks from us. We were having a cook out here at the house to celebrate my old man birthday of 71 years young. When I heard some kids out in the front yard, the door bell rang and the boys came into the house, they were so excited they immediately told me that mom and dad wasn’t with them but they had ridden their bikes over to find out what time we wanted them for the cook out.

They took of and went back home. After a little bit we received a text from our daughter-in-law saying the boys were on their way back to our house on their bikes so Mama went out and took a picture of them. They felt like they were getting so big now that they could ride over without their mom or dad with them.

Race for the Cure

My sweet daughter-in-law is a breast cancer survivor. Today 9/26/2015IMG_1219 here in Amarillo we had the Susan G Komen race for the cure. My family went down to participate. I would say from the look at the picture my youngest grandson wasn’t to excited about it. So proud and happy for you miss Amy, God has truly blessed us with you.