The Misadventures of Jim and Charlotte. Day 1

This has been another one of those crazy weeks. It started Monday night, Charlotte was just so cold and miserable. She set in her chair with two blankets over her. When she did decide to go to bed, she was kind of wobbly as she headed for the bed room.

We both woke up around six am. I watched her head toward her bathroom then I got up and headed for the one that I use. Since I have been on Chemo we started using different bathrooms. I had just started my business when I heard this loud bang. I rushed back into the bed room and Charlotte was laying on the floor with this little table turned over next to her. All of the jewelry, and the phone was scattered all over her treadmill. Thanks to that table she could have hit her head on the treadmill. It totally scared me to death I did not know what was going on, when she started coming around I asked her what happened. She said that she remembered reaching for the table to help steady her self, but then she did not remember any thing else.

You have to know Charlotte, she is very bull-headed when it comes to going to a doctor let alone to a hospital. I told her that I was going to call an ambulance and she said no. I said at least let me help you get up, she said no since your cancer you are not as strong as you used to be. She rolled over and crawled to the bed and used it to get up on. After laying there a few minutes she decided that maybe she better go to the ER. I helped her get dressed then I got dressed. I went out to the car and pulled it out of the garage around to the front yard up as close as I could to the front door. As I was walking her to the car I told her that if she goes down again I will call an ambulance.

It took about an hour to check in to the ER and then taken back to a room. Once she got to the room they got busy checking vitals, asking questions, and looking her over. We told them that she passed out and landed on a table. They took an ex-ray of her ribs to make sure she did not break any and thank goodness none were broken. Then they did a CT scan of her head and stomach area. Drew blood, started an I V with the solution on full drip because she was very dehydrated.

About three weeks ago Charlotte had a UTI infection and the doctor put her on some antibiotics. Shortly after she started taking them she started having the big D word. After telling this to the nurse he asked if we had ever heard of C Diff, we told him no. He said that this is in everyone’s intestines and that some times when a person takes an antibiotic it could trigger C Diff. The only test for this is to give a stool sample. The ER doctor came in and told Charlotte that she will be admitted to the hospital so they could continue looking for the problem.

Our son was at work at the fire department and works 24 hour shifts. I told her that I was going to let him know. Charlotte said no don’t bother him because he would take off work and come rushing up here. I respected her wishes and did not call him or any of the kids.


Our God is an Awesome God

I was having a little stomach issues, which turned out to be from some medication I was taking. The VA ordered a CT scan of my abdomen just to see if there was a problem. I new nothing about this until they called and wanted me to see a vascular surgeon.

I was not told what they found until I got to the doctors office. The VA stays very busy, I was asked if it would be alright if they outsourced to a doctor that is not connected to the VA.  I had no ideal which doctor to go to so I had the Veterans Choice who handles making appointments for the VA. They mad me an appointment with a doctor Irwin.

Time came for me to see the doctor, he told me that the CT scan showed that I had an Aneurysm in my artery near my groin just above where it y’s off to my Kidney. He told us that I could wait on surgery and keep and eye on, but where it is located it would be best to have it repaired.

I was not to worried about it for we prayed, and our pastor came by just before the surgery and prayed for the doctor and me. The surgery was a success I spent the night in ICU and was able to come home the next day. I have a little soreness but I am doing great. This is why that I know our God is an Awesome God.