Thankgiving & Christmas 2016

Not all of our kids were able to come for Thanksgiving. Our Houston kids could not make it this year for Thanksgiving, but our Daughter and her boy fried made it from Kansas. She wont be able to come for Christmas so we celebrated it with her the day after Thanksgiving. It is always so much fun to pass out presents when our grandkids or here to do it with us.
Since we were only to exchange gifts with my daughter and Brian and them with us and the boys. My grandkids were so navyexcited though they had gotten me a present even though they were not supposed to. I opened it and it was a US Navy Christmas ornament. I let them hang it on the tree. They were so excited and found the perfect place to hang it





Hot Out Side.

Here it is July in the Texas Panhandle. We have been having record-breaking temperatures. The last few day the temps, have been in the lower 100, today is supposed to be 103 with the wends around 15 MPH which makes it feel like a hear dryer out side.

I was looking at some pictures of the IMG_1475family that we took last December at Christmas time. I came across this picture of my daughter and oldest grandson eating home made snow ice cream. Yes we had a blizzard here during Christmas and Caleb decided he wanted some snow ice cream so he went out and gathered up some clean snow. He even made the snow ice cream for everyone to enjoy.

You know during the blizzard we wanted to warm up, and now in this heat we want it to cool off. Just hard to make people happy. 🙂 🙂

Quick update as of 5:00PM we have reached 108 Deg.

Scouting the early years

When the twins were in the first grade we decided to get them involved with scouts. Poor Charlotte she was already involved with our daughter in brownies and doing a great job with it, but now the twins are big enough to get into scouts. We checked around and found a Cub Scout pack that met up at the grade school so we signed them up. Now she is not only a Girl Scout leader for CeAnne she is also a den mother for the twins. It seemed like we always had a group of

kids over at the house. This is where are Suburban started coming in handy I remember one Christmas season Charlotte wanted to take her girls Christmas caroling and it was snowing fairly hard outside, I asked her if she wanted to cancel the caroling for that night but she said she would like to still take them and that the kids would enjoy it. I would not let her drive in the snow so we loaded up the twins and of course Ce, after all it was her scout group. We drove carefully around and picked up each girl and then headed for the neighborhood that they were going to sing in, the girls had a ballast singing in the snow and they were sweet to let the two boys go with them.

This has always had me a little upset but I tried not to make a big deal out of it. The Cub Scout pack was going to have a pine wood derby race so the boys got their car kit, now we were told that the boys were supposed to build the cars themselves, but that the dads or in some cases the moms could cut out the initial outline of the car. So I let the boys draw the outline on the block of pine wood and to draw it the way wanted the car to look like, thin I cut off the excess wood and told them it was now up to them to finish it, so they sanded, thin painted their cars thin I did help them put on the wheels, and add the wait because the cars could only weigh a certain amount. I talked with them and said that

Cub Scouts watch three pinewood derby cars sta...

winning was not everything but to just have fun and show good sportsman ship whether they won or lost. Well it came the big night for the car race, we got up to the school where the race was being held and there was excitement in the air, all the boys were showing off their cars, I looked at those cars and thin looked at my boys cars and there was a big difference in the way they looked, I could tell that most of the cars were made by the dads for there was no way the boys at this age could build them that way. My boys asked me why the other kid’s cars looked so good and went so fast down the track and so I explained it to them and I told them the most important thing is to have fun no matter what and that I was very proud of them for what they had accomplished with their cars.

I remember one summer Charlotte was taking her Girl Scout troop down to Palo Duro State Park for a weekend campout. The girls were to sleep in tents and cook out on campfires and all that fun camping, roughing it type stuff, of course me and boys can’t stay in their camp so I brought down the rough and tough cab over camper (boy did I have it rough). The girls went hiking and let the twins go with them Charlotte and I stayed behind to plan the next day’s activities, the sun was getting low and the shadows of the canyon was starting to surround us so the girls came back to camp. They got the camp fire lit and

Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Palo Duro Canyon State Park (Photo credit: NixBC)

supper on the fire, while it was cooking they set around and sung campfire songs, after supper they set around telling stories are whatever girls that age talk about, I tried to stay out of the picture as much as possible. The next morning one of the girls came up to the camper and knocked on the door and when I answered the door she asked me if she could plug-in her curling iron so she could curl her hair, it kind struck me odd for they were supposed be roughing it and yet she was worried about her hair. I had to tell her that I was in a camp site without electricity and therefore she could not plug it in, so being the scout she was she hiked to the bathroom for the camping area and plugged it in there.

Marry Christmas to one and all

Santa Claus

Santa Claus (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn)

Back when our kids were in grade school and we were involved with the PTA I would be Santa Clause for the schools Christmas party of course my kids knew I was just playing Santa and was being one of his helpers. I rely enjoyed doing this even though most of the kids knew who I rely was. The little neighbor kids across the street did not know who I was or even that I was coming. I was dressed up one night going to a cub scout meeting so as I was getting ready to leave, I thought I would walk across the street and surprise them, they were so excited, and to see thee look in their eyes when they came to the door was priceless. The scout troop that we were members of had collected some presents for some kids who were on one of those trees with names on it and we were getting ready to take them to their home so we loaded the boys and presents up in the suburban and drove across town where the kids lived. To this day I will never forget the kids in the neighborhood where we went dropped everything they were doing and came running hollering Santa Clause they started telling me what they wanted and thin they wanted to know why I was in that car. I had to tell them that the reindeer had to rest for the big night and that this scout troop was nice enough to let me use their car. I finely made it to the apartment that the kids lived and we got to deliver their presents here again just seeing the kids’ faces light up was real blessing the innocence and loving of a little child is so beautiful.

You know the Christmas season is beautiful and the thoughts of Santa and kids getting presents is great but and I do mean a great big BUT we as a human race have completely let it get out of control. The true reason for this season is Jesus Christ and the real gift is that he died for us and arose again on that third day so that we could receive Him the gift from God. Just as the blessing I received seeing and watching those innocent kids as they were getting those gifts is what we as christen should be filling as we tell the whole world that this one and only gift is free and all you have to do to get it is ask for it.

The boys wreck at 17

You know I mentioned the Daihatsu in my last writing, I do not remember which Christmas it was but we were all going over to Charlotte’s mom’s house for the Christmas dinner we left out in the Suburban and the boys were coming in the Daihatsu. We hadn’t been at Vi’s very long when we got a call from the Amarillo Fire Department our boys was in a car wreck on the corner of Bell and Estacado which was just a few blocks from home, a Suburban hit the boys in the driver’s side door Jeremy was hurt a little but I thank he was more in shock than anything, Jeffery had jumped out and was trying to get help for his brother. Luckily there was a fire department just about a block away on Estacado and they heard the wreck happen and rushed to the scene they helped Jeremy out of the car and was checking him over when we arrived and thank goodness we could see both boys standing by the fire truck. Jeremy would not ride in the ambulance so we took him to the hospital to be checked out, I do not know how except that God was with them because as you can see in this picture of a Daihatsu it is not very big and a suburban is huge, the driver’s door was caved in which bruised Jeremy’s side and he had cuts all over from the flying window glass. Jeffery had a few cuts and I can’t remember if he had hit his head even though I do not see how he could have kept from it. After we were released from the hospital we all went over to Vi’s house for Christmas dinner.

Looks like my ould Daihatsu with out the banged up front end

After the boys wreck the drivers side of our little red was all caved in.

I am slow but I get there sooner are later, it just dawned on me as I was talking to Charlotte that the boys were 17 when they had this wreck which was the same age I was when I had my bad wreck, also both cars were little and they both were hit with something a lot bigger, thank goodness again that the boys wreck was not with an 18 wheeler.