Wen’t to Kansas

We always go and see our daughter for her birthday. Her birthday was Saturday March 17th, yes she was a St Patrick’s day baby. We made the 10 hour drive a week early so her and her mom could do some shopping together. I was their chauffeur, I would drop them off and then sit in the car till they were ready to go. I just could not stay up with them and besides I am not a shopper. The pay that I would receive was I would take them to eat or get a desert or something. Happy birthday sweet daughter.

She now has two new dogs. One is a bloodhound named Walter and the other is a beagle named Nigel. What a combination, they both were rescue dogs and were found together. The rescue shelter said that they were found out in the country and had become best of friends. So my daughter did not want to separate them, thus she took both. We don’t know if Nigel had been mistreated or what for he was very skittish and would jump and run when he heard a noise. The only one he will go to is my daughter Ce Anne. I did finally get him to take some food out of my hand, he would get it and run.