My Story of Fighting Cancer. part 1.

In April of 2017 I had an Aneurysm of the artery in my lower left side of my belly. The end of June or the first part of July I started having pain in my stomach. I was not sure what was going on. I could not sleep on my sides so I would get up and try to sleep in my chair. This had been going on for about three weeks, my belly was getting so hard and I just could not eat very much. Finally I called my Gastrologist, My appointment was a good three weeks away, meanwhile I was sleeping in my chair and my belly was getting harder.
When I got in to see Doctor T. He asked me where I was hurting, then he examined me and was quiet concerned how tight my belly was. He wanted me to have an MRI so I had to wait another week to have it done. The day that I had the MRI he called me that afternoon and told me that he was very concerned on what he was seeing. He looked at the MRI that I had taken after the Stint they had installed back in April and what he was seeing in the MRI that I just had taken.
Dr. T Said he wanted me to have a biopsy taken of what he was seeing in the MRI, but they could not get me in for at least eight days. He did not want me to wait that long so he asked if I would be willing to see a cancer doctor. He got me in to see a doctor at the Harrington Cancer Center. I went to see him on August 2nd. 2017. Dr.T and Dr.Z looked over the MRI and so when I got to the dr. office he said that he would like to do a bone marrow biopsy on my hip so we did it right in the office. After he did the first biopsy it came up dry so he asked if he could take a second one, I told him to go ahead, it also came up dry. I was told that I had cancer of the lymph nodes. I was admitted to the hospital that same day, then August 5th. they did the Biopsy of the lymph node in my belly plus they went ahead and installed the port for them to do my chemo. August the 6th. I had my first chemo treatment in the hospital.


Our God is an Awesome God

I was having a little stomach issues, which turned out to be from some medication I was taking. The VA ordered a CT scan of my abdomen just to see if there was a problem. I new nothing about this until they called and wanted me to see a vascular surgeon.

I was not told what they found until I got to the doctors office. The VA stays very busy, I was asked if it would be alright if they outsourced to a doctor that is not connected to the VA.  I had no ideal which doctor to go to so I had the Veterans Choice who handles making appointments for the VA. They mad me an appointment with a doctor Irwin.

Time came for me to see the doctor, he told me that the CT scan showed that I had an Aneurysm in my artery near my groin just above where it y’s off to my Kidney. He told us that I could wait on surgery and keep and eye on, but where it is located it would be best to have it repaired.

I was not to worried about it for we prayed, and our pastor came by just before the surgery and prayed for the doctor and me. The surgery was a success I spent the night in ICU and was able to come home the next day. I have a little soreness but I am doing great. This is why that I know our God is an Awesome God.