Happy Thanksgiving from the Harbin’s

I would like to say happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends here in America. Also to every one out in blog land.

Charlotte and I are truly blessed by my kids, and grandkids. Even though I have been battling cancer and Charlotte with her health problems we both know that God has blessed us and watched over us while we were going through it.

Our Houston kids, Kansas kids, Could not come for Thanksgiving. Our Amarillo son had to work at the fire department, Amy and the boys were over at her folks. I had planed to take Charlotte to a restaurant so she could have her turkey and dressing for Thanksgiving. We got there at around 10 after 11:00, hoping to get there early enough to beat the crowd. There were people out on the sidewalk and in the parking lot. We decided to go back home and Charlotte made the best home made pizza for lunch. This beat any restaurant food any day of the week.


After the storm.

Praise the Lord here in Amarillo the ice storm in our part of town wasn’t to bad. After staying in the house all weekend we woke up to about 3″ of snow. Last night after it started getting dark the temps started dropping and so the rain turned into snow. This morning the clouds started breaking up and the sun is peaking out. I haven’t seen the reports on how much liquid we received by the snow but before it fell we have had 2 1/4″ of rain the past 48 hours. This should help break the drought we have here.


Heading Home.

After visiting the National Park there in Ohio, we talked about where to go next. We finely decided that it was time to head toward Amarillo. We headed Southwest and spent the night in Brazil IN.

The next morning up early and heading toward Oklahoma City. This was going to be a long days driving. We stopped for lunch somewhere in Missouri. We were spending the night in Oklahoma city, we should reach OKC sometime around 7pm. I called my niece to see if she could call her brother and meet us someplace for dinner. She said he was cooking out hamburgers and asked if we would join them. We had a great time seeing and visiting with them.

We slept in, then drove the last 260 miles home. This ended the 17 day and around 5417 mile trip.

Leaving Maui for Kauai

We are leaving Maui and our flight does not leave until around 11:30. So we slept in again, then we met our friends down for breakfast. after retrieving our luggage from our room we set down in the lobby waiting for our busIMG_1828 to the airport. After saying one last goodbye we loaded up for the long ride to the airport. We passed by a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop, it made me think about the new one they had built back home in Amarillo. We have a local donut shop back home called The Donut Stop and they or hard to beat. Anyway the Krispy Kreme did not last long before they closed their doors.

After getting to the airport we boarded the plane for the 45 min flight to Kauai. It was a very cloudy day but as the plane flew over Pearl there was an opening in the clouds, I could see the Arizona and the Missouri down below. After landing we went to a shopping mall that had several places to eat so we could get some lunch. We loaded back on the bus and headed back pass the airport to the Kauai Beach Resort. We spent the rest of the day walking around and looking over the beach, then to Shutters Lounge on site for dinner. I had a great burger and fries and Charlotte had a veggie Pizza.


First Leg to Hawaii

It is now February sixth 2016. Almost a year ago we had planed on going to Alaska and Hawaii for our fiftieth anniversary. We did Alaska last August right on our fiftieth and now it is time to go to Hawaii. We left on the Sixth of Feb, to drive down to Houston. Not knowing for sure how the weather would be here at home we decided to take a flight out of Houston and we could get a direct flight to Honolulu. The Seventh of Feb, is our Twins birthday and we had already celebrated with Jeff who lives here in Amarillo so now we are going to celebrate with Jeremy down in Houston, also his wife Aubrey’s birthday was Aubry on the boat The boatthe third so we celebrated with both of them. They took us down to their sail boat to show us how they were coming along on refurbishing it.


2015 USS Monticello Reunion.

After we went in and registered and settled in our room. I went back down to see who all would show up. Three of the men I served with in A division, boat shop, /  Air conditioning refrigeration. Ron, Bill and Tommy, I was able to see Ron when he came through Amarillo a few months back, but as for Bill and Tommy I haven’t seen them since I got off the ship back in 1970. It was great to catch up with all these years. All to gather we had nine men from that time period. We had men from when the ship was commissioned in 1957 to when it was put out of commission in 1985.

IMG_1192 IMG_1194 IMG_1195 IMG_1196 IMG_1200

Home today

We get home today, We left Laramie around 7:00am and the Garmin said we should be home around 6:00 pm tonight. We headed down interstate 25 toward Denver. I did not want to drive through Denver so we took a couple ofP1130779 little roads around to Interstate 70 then to US 287 going south all the way to Amarillo. we got in around 5:30 pm and it does feel good to be home September 7 2015. It is now October the second and my cough is just about gone. The picture is what it looks like at home maybe a little flatter.

Race for the Cure

My sweet daughter-in-law is a breast cancer survivor. Today 9/26/2015IMG_1219 here in Amarillo we had the Susan G Komen race for the cure. My family went down to participate. I would say from the look at the picture my youngest grandson wasn’t to excited about it. So proud and happy for you miss Amy, God has truly blessed us with you.

Finally the day is here.

We left Amarillo on August 11 driving up to Seattle. This day is August 22nd which is our anniversary. It is so hard to believe that this beautiful woman has put up with me for fifty years. we stayed at a motel that would let us leave ourP1120882 car there for the 13 days of our Alaska trip. This is going to turn out to be one heck of a day. First, we had to be up at 4:30am to catch the shuttle to Sea-tac airport. This where we waited for the shuttle to Vancouver Canada. We boarded the IMG_0771bus at Sea-tac and headed toward Vancouver stopping on the way to pick up other riders. We spent maybe 5 hours on the bus, we all had to disembark and go through customs at the US and Can border. I guess it was around 1:30pm when we got to the pier. Thin the stop and go through the lines. First take luggage to be loaded on the ship, second follow line up to the second  floor to princes ship line to pick up room key. Third go down to get into custom line for the USA. Stop at an open computer to take your own picture to give toIMG_0772 the custom agent when you get to that area so the can check it against your passport picture. Finally stop at the gangway to the ship so they can take your picture and add to you room card. By this time we had not eaten any thing since the breakfast bar we had at the air port so we went to the room dropped off the carryon bags then up to dinning room to eat IMG_0790before the abandon ship drill at 5:00pm. Finally after our dinner meal and since this was our anniversary the waiter brought us a little cake and of course they sang happy anniversary to us with several different foreign accents.


P1120895 P1120897 P1120900

Lake Meredith

The Lord has really been blessing us this summer. We had been in a drought for several years. Lake Meredith is about 50 miles North East of Amarillo. At one time it was at a record high of almost 102 feet andLake Meredith thin just two years ago it was at a record low of 26 feet. Today it is standing at 58 feet due the record amount of rain we have been receiving. In fact just the last 4 days days it has risen a foot. This is the greenest I have seen the Texas Panhandle in years. Here is a link telling about it if you are interested.