Awe & Wonder

We are now going to First Baptist Church here in Amarillo Texas. The music ministry put on a program. They had two hour and a half programs Sunday and one Monday night. The church was packed at each one. It was a free program but you did have to get a ticket from the church to make sure you could have a seat.
Charlotte played in the small orchestra, plus there was large choir. The children’s ministry also participated. At the end we had Joseph, Mary, and the baby Jesus. Who by the way was a real baby and he was so good. With all the music from the orchestra and the choir singing, he just looked around.
It was a beautiful service and so touching.

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Second Grandsons Graduation.

We live in Amarillo Texas and one of our sons lives in Pearland Texas. It is close to 600 miles and any where of 10 to 11 hours to drive depending on the traffic. We have two different ways we can go, either through Waco Texas and then into the West side of Houston. There as been a lot of flooding down that way so we decided to go down I 45 south which will take you into north Houston. It rained all the way in fact between Amarillo and Fort Worth highway 287 had water across the road and the traffic was down to one lane for a ways.

Friday morning was graduation day it was so great to see Colten walk across that stage and receive his diploma, it was just two short years ago that we had made this same trip to see our first grandson graduate.

Colten grad IMG_2303 IMG_2312 IMG_2317 IMG_2318 IMG_2319

A Pay it Forward Free Meal.

You know just about all you hear now days is bad things happening around town and around the world. Today 05/02/2016 we had called some friends to go out and get a burger at Red Robin here in Amarillo Texas. We always enjoy eating with this couple, we have known them ever since our kids started school some 46 years ago. Any way we had finished eating and was getting ready to pay our bill when the waitress told me that mine and the wife’s was paid for by someone because I was a veteran. The only way they could have known this was the hat I was wearing, she told me she could not tell me who it was, so we told her to please thank them for us. Paying it forward is always a good thing for it makes the recipient and the giver feel good.

Head Space by Jeff Harbin

P1040100My son is a photographer here in Amarillo. And this is a short film shot for the 48 hour film project in Amarillo Texas. This is the “director’s cut” with some polishing of the original film submitted. In case you have not heard of the 48 hour project. Several groups only have 48 hours from the time they are told what the subject is going to be. They then have to write produce and film there story in a 48 hour time period.

I swear he did not get its talent from his dad, so it must be from mom. His full time job here is a driver fire fighter for the Amarillo Fire Department and he does his photographing on the side.

Birthday Cruise Day One

Back on January 4th I blogged about the surprise my two daughter in-laws had for their husbands. Well the time to go has come and gone we left around 5:30 am on Wednesday morning 02/19/2014 to make the long drive to Houston Texas. It only took us ten and half hours to make the drive from Amarillo Texas. We pulled into the motel around 4:00 pm checked in called our son to let him know that we made it safely and that we would be at his house after we freshen up and stop and get fuel for the car.

We  visited with him until his kids came in from their school activities and Aubrey came home from work. Our other son was running about two hours behind us and they also made it but they hit some of the five o-clock traffic. Our daughters flight from Kansas was coming in around 6:40 pm so mom and I left to pick her up at Hobby Airport. The boys decided that they wanted Sushi so they called to tell us where we could meet them for dinner. I just have not been able to eat raw fish so I ordered chicken and a fork to eat it with then had fun watching them eating with chop sticks. Afterwords we went back to Jeremy’s house to visit a little more before going back to the motel for the night.

P1100299 P1100301 P1100298

Lamar Elementary PTA 38 Years Later

It has been 38 years since our kiddos started 1st grade at Lamar Elementary school here in Amarillo Texas. My daughter’s class was getting ready for the Halloween Carnival coming up. The PTA parents were to be in charge of decorating each class room for the carnival. Also the wife was the president of the PTA that year and all the officers were in charge of getting the snacks and food to sell for a fund raiser to help the school. To this day I do not know where she came up with the recipe for what became the Lamar chili but we have been P1090933having it just about every year since that first Lamar Halloween carnival.

Last night 10/29/13 we had the group over for Lamar chili. There are 5 couples of us who have kept up with each other and we get together once a month to catch up on the kiddos. Every October of course we have what we call Lamar night, every one bring something to eat and Charlotte fixes the Chili.

P1090931 P1090932 P1090935 P1090939 P1090940 P1090941 P1090942 P1090943

A great day with some of my family

Yesterday was our 48th wedding anniversary and we had a great day. First we took our usual walk in the neighborhood. We had talked about going someplace but we everywhere we would like to go is so far away. I told Charlotte to pick someplace where she would like to eat and as usual we, “she” really could not think of any place for we always go to the same old places. So I ended up taking her to Johnny Carino’s, and she had one of her favorite meals Pecan crusted salmon and I had Italian sausage spaghetti. Our Amarillo kids had gone down to Palo Duro Canyon to get one last camping in before school started and they had invited us to come down for supper. It was a beautiful day to go down, it was a little warm but setting in the shade was not too bad, plus their new camping trailer had air conditioning. While we were setting around the campfire we saw a turkey and some deer walking around the campsites. When it started getting dark we roasted some marshmallows to make smores and then told some ghost stories of course they weren’t to scary because the little ones told most of the stories. At the end of a wonderful day we came home and we had a phone message from my cousin wishing us a happy anniversary and a wedding anniversary card left in our door from Charlotte’s cousin.

P1090165 P1090304 P1090306 P1090310 P1090315 P1090316 P1090320 P1090321

48 Wonderful Years

our weddingThis a very special week and it comes every 12P1080753 months. It is 48 years this week and for me the day is August 22. The love of my life and best friend agreed to marry me and we said our, I does on August 22 1965. People say our honey moon lasted at least 20 years, well I have news for them in my opinion it is going on still. I have been retired now for about a year and a half and we are together pretty much 24-7 and we are having a wonderful time. When my wife reads this I want her to know that I love her just as much today as I did when we said our wedding vowels those few short years ago.

The reason this week is so special is my cousin John and his wife Nancy married the 20th of the same year and then came to Amarillo for our wedding. Charlotte’s cousin Richard who was my boss at the time was my best man and his wife Laverne was the maid of honor was married on the 22nd the year before. So I would like to take this time to wish them a happy 48th and 49th wedding anniversary.

Watch Out Texas

My daughter-in-law drove up from Houston Texas to Amarillo Texas by wayP1090212 P1090213 of Stopping in Dallas Texas today. My second grandson just turned 15 and as just gotten his learners permit to drive, and so she let him drive the last two hours of the trip. It was so weird seeing him behind the wheel when they pulled up in the drive. My wife figured that he would be driving so she met them and took these pictures. My son and the oldest Grandson will be here later for they both had to work so they our driving straight through which takes anywhere from 11 to 12 hours, well they have upped the speed to 75 mph most of the way now so they might make it in 10 hours I guess we will wait and see when they get here.

Happy Birthday America, 2013

The Amarillo Globe News has been sponsoring fireworks for the past 59 years and the Amarillo Symphony has been playing for the last 3 years. I only took a couple of pictures of the fireworks so it does not give it the looks of the way it was. After the sun went down the fireworks started and they were coordinated with the music from the symphony it was wonderful, but you would have to been there to get the whole experience. The last two years we have not had a full-time conductor for the symphony, the conductor was just chosen and this was his first concert after accepting the job. The Texas panhandle is known for being windy but last night was perfect very little wind. The night before though was a different story most of the second chair players had to fight the wind while trying to turn the music so the new conductor was broken in to this part of the country.
Deflating after the flight.Bob on the key board also plays at our churchThe new conductor_edited-1

Part of the SymphoneyEvening in the parkA beutiful sunset in the Texas panhandel

FireworsWatching fireworks