Happy Independence Day 2016

I would like to wish a happy Independence day to all those here in the gFullSizeRender.jpg flagreat USA. A lot if time has passed since 1776. Our forefathers stood up for us then just has all the ones who have fought and died to keep us safe and free.

Went by the kids house this after noon to say howdy to them and wish them a happy fourth of July. They had this hat setting on the counter top so I put it on to show the grandkids how patriotic I am. Of course the wife had to take a picture of me with it on so I just figured I would use it to wish each of you a happy Forth Of July from Me.IMG_2377


July Fourth 2015

It is a beautiful day here in the Texas Panhandle. This is a day when we as Americans celebrate or Independence. On June 11, 1776, the Colonies’ Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia and formed a committee whose express purpose was drafting a document that would formallyIMG_0568 sever their ties with Great Britain. It was adopted on July 4 1776.

Last night we had a storm blow in and it dumped 2.5 inches of rain at my house. We had some flooding on the street that runs beside the house but there was no damage done. This morning the sun was up and nothing but blue sky’s. I went out and put up the flag and it was furled so neat hanging straight down, so I thought I would get a picture of it and share it with you. Hope that all have a very blessed 4 of July.