This has to stop. This is called Cut Throat.

This is how I told the kids that I was going to have surgery again.  I was going  to get my throat  cut. Looks worse than it is.

Well I thought I was through. About a month ago the nurse from doctor Z called. She said that my calcium was high and that the doctor wanted me to see a Vascular Surgeon. That was about all she said so at the time we had no idea what this was about. We were set up to see doctor M who by the way was the doctor who did the biopsy from when I was diagnosed with cancer.

When we went to see doctor M, he told us that the Parathyroid gland was causing my calcium level to be too high. The blood test also showed that one or even all four of the Parathyroid is the problem. There is no medication that I could take to fix this problem. He would have to do surgery to fix it.

Before he would do the surgery I was to go and have what was called 3 D pictures, and a cat scan of my Parathyroid so he would know which one to take out, and he would not have to do exploratory surgery to find it.

So April the 3rd I checked into BSA day surgery. The surgery took two hours to complete, he had to remove one on the right side. The test that they ran also said their might be a problem with the ones on the left side also, so he went in to check them out and praise the Lord doctor M said they looked good so he didn’t have to do any thing with them. He also told us that no cancer was found in them, there is another Praise the Lord. Amen.

I did have to spend the night at the hospital but only for precautionary purpose. I was amazed my neck was only tender to the touch. It did hurt to swallow but that was from the tube they put down my throat.


New Ride

No more setting on the bus while everyone else goes and sees the sights. No more setting in the car while Charlotte goes sight seeing on our trips. We went out and bought me a scooter that will break down and fit in the car. I am now looking forward to some more trips so I can try out the new ride.

Wen’t to Kansas

We always go and see our daughter for her birthday. Her birthday was Saturday March 17th, yes she was a St Patrick’s day baby. We made the 10 hour drive a week early so her and her mom could do some shopping together. I was their chauffeur, I would drop them off and then sit in the car till they were ready to go. I just could not stay up with them and besides I am not a shopper. The pay that I would receive was I would take them to eat or get a desert or something. Happy birthday sweet daughter.

She now has two new dogs. One is a bloodhound named Walter and the other is a beagle named Nigel. What a combination, they both were rescue dogs and were found together. The rescue shelter said that they were found out in the country and had become best of friends. So my daughter did not want to separate them, thus she took both. We don’t know if Nigel had been mistreated or what for he was very skittish and would jump and run when he heard a noise. The only one he will go to is my daughter Ce Anne. I did finally get him to take some food out of my hand, he would get it and run.

Picture that I did not know existed.

I want to say a big thank you to my cousin Rita. She gave us this Polaroid picture, of my mom Alice, my wife Charlotte and my daughter CeAnne. The date written on the back was 5/3/1970, so I had not yet seen my daughter. I got out of the Navy in August of 1970, and was able to see her when mom and dad brought Charlotte and CeAnne to the airport to get me.

First Trip after all the Cancer Treatments.

I am finally finished with all my cancer treatments. So in-between doctor visits we decided to go and see our youngest grandson. He is going to Blinn  Jr College In Bryan Texas/College Station Texas. We always drive down and I always do the driving, even though Charlotte says that she would drive some. It was a good 91/2 hour trip, and I guess dealing with the cancer took more out of me than I thought for I was one tired puppy when we got there.

Colten was at work when we got into town and he did not get off till late. The plan was to meet up with him before he went to work on Saturday. He woke up late, plus he realized he had to work from 10 am to 5 pm. His Mom and dad came up from Houston so we all hung out till Colten got off work. Our oldest grandson only works about 30 miles away so we all met him half way. We felt truly blessed because it turns out we got to see the whole family.

Sunday morning we met the kids down in the lobby of the motel. We had a good time drinking coffee and visiting with each other. We were waiting on Colten to get around and text us that he was ready for us to meet up with him. Finley his mom called him and woke him up. We met him for lunch, then took him shopping for some clothes. I noticed a lot of parents had their college kids out buying the clothes and shoes.

The George H. W. Bush Presidential Library is located on the Texas A&M campus. So we went in to check it out.

Afterwards we asked Colten where he would like to eat. He said that the Mad Taco was a great place so we took him their. Jeremy and Aubrey had to get back to Houston and we headed back toward Amarillo.

Hated to leave but all good things must come to an end.

Radiation it is finished.

First I would like to say a big thank you  to all the techs, nurses, and doctors, at Harrington Cancer center for all they have done for me. Making every thing I went through as pleasant of an experience as possible.

It is finished, today 2/19/2018 I had my last radiation treatment. I was supposed to have completed it last Friday 2/16/2018 but due to the machine breaking down we had to carry one treatment over to this week.

When I finished this one they pinned a flower on my shirt and as I was walking out they kept blowing a horn letting everyone know that it was my last one.

Third week of radiation done.

I have completed my third week of radiation. I see the doctor every Thursday, and he asked me if I was having any problems or pain. I told him no and was he sure that the machine was even turned on. He just laughed and said he would see me next week. Six more treatments and I am through, yeah.

44 Years ago.

Just a short 44 years ago I had a big surprise. My wife was 8 months pregnant, she started having contractions and felt that the baby was coming. We took our daughter over to some friend and then I rushed her to the hospital. You have to realize that back then they did not have sonograms. So while we were at the hospital the nurses were talking with each other about a woman who had twins the night before was about a month early. So they asked if they could do an x-ray of Charlotte and we said yes. When they came back from taking the x-ray they showed us that there were indeed 3 backbones, Charlotte’s and two little ones on each side of hers. This was when we found out that we were having twins. 

So Happy Birthday to Jeremy who is the oldest by two minutes of Jeffery. Love you sons. Pop’s.

Radiation 2 nd week.

Just realized that it was 6 months today that I was diagnosed with my cancer. Praise the Lord that I am in remission and felling so great.

As of today 2/2/2018 I have had only 8 treatments instead of 10. As it turns out the machine that I use for my radiation treatment is down for repairs. I received a call last Wednesday that the machine  was down, then I received a call that they got it to working so I went in and received that treatment. Then Yesterday I received a call saying it was down again and that a repairman was called in to fix it, and that they would call me again when it was fixed. Well they called back Thursday afternoon and said they would have to cancel my appointment for that day and also for Friday. This only puts me two days behind no big deal. Yea just got a call from Harrington Cancer Center that the machine is repaired and that I will get my treatment today, so I will be behind only one day.