After the storm.

Praise the Lord here in Amarillo the ice storm in our part of town wasn’t to bad. After staying in the house all weekend we woke up to about 3″ of snow. Last night after it started getting dark the temps started dropping and so the rain turned into snow. This morning the clouds started breaking up and the sun is peaking out. I haven’t seen the reports on how much liquid we received by the snow but before it fell we have had 2 1/4″ of rain the past 48 hours. This should help break the drought we have here.


First Snow of the New Year 2017

January 5-6, 2017 We had our first Snow here in the Texas Panhandle. Amarillo received 3.7 inches. Temp dropped to single digits plus minus zero F. wind chills during the night. In fact we will get to 2 degrees F. tonight.img_3354


Thomas E Creek Medical Center

Our VA hospital tries to take care of our veterans. We have several volunteers that do many things at the VA. I drive the parking lot shuttle on Friday afternoons. The veterans we pick up are so grateful for us especially on days like today. They have served their country and put their lives on the line so this is the least we can do for them.

Happy 2017

Charlotte and I made to about 11:30 pm last night. She had fallen asleep on the couch so I woke her up to go to bed. It only takes me about 3 min. to fall asleep. She did say that she then stayed awake till midnight.

We got up and went to church, then came home and had breakfast for lunch. We have a tradition in our family in fact several people have this tradition. That is to eat Black eyed peas for “good luck for the new year”. Charlotte had made some black eyed pea dip. we took some over to the kids and kept some for us.

Tonight for dinner I went out to Taco Villa and picked us up a couple of salads. then we had some of the dip. Oh by the way I actually won at Skip Bo and then we watched a little TV. Hope you all have a very happy 2017.

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Merry Christmas from the Harbin’s 2016

The Harbin family would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful time last night with the family that was here. Things or changing though. Our oldest Grand son did not make this year he stayed back in Houston to be with his girlfriends family. And of course our daughter got to be here for Thanksgiving but could not come for Christmas.

It is always so much fun watching the younger grandkids open their presents. We got the youngest one a Harmonica he loved it. He went around asking howimg_3336 did we know he wanted one. He said that he hadn’t told anyone that he wanted one. We told him that Maw Maw had special powers and that she just knew it.



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Awe & Wonder

We are now going to First Baptist Church here in Amarillo Texas. The music ministry put on a program. They had two hour and a half programs Sunday and one Monday night. The church was packed at each one. It was a free program but you did have to get a ticket from the church to make sure you could have a seat.
Charlotte played in the small orchestra, plus there was large choir. The children’s ministry also participated. At the end we had Joseph, Mary, and the baby Jesus. Who by the way was a real baby and he was so good. With all the music from the orchestra and the choir singing, he just looked around.
It was a beautiful service and so touching.

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Thankgiving & Christmas 2016

Not all of our kids were able to come for Thanksgiving. Our Houston kids could not make it this year for Thanksgiving, but our Daughter and her boy fried made it from Kansas. She wont be able to come for Christmas so we celebrated it with her the day after Thanksgiving. It is always so much fun to pass out presents when our grandkids or here to do it with us.
Since we were only to exchange gifts with my daughter and Brian and them with us and the boys. My grandkids were so navyexcited though they had gotten me a present even though they were not supposed to. I opened it and it was a US Navy Christmas ornament. I let them hang it on the tree. They were so excited and found the perfect place to hang it




The Egg Mazing

Just in time for Easter

My son’s friend Scott invented this product and he is trying to get it established. Also my son has filmed this short commercial staring my grandson and Scott as a rabbit. This is just one of many short commercials that has been filmed.

November 16, a special day.

On this day 97 years ago my sweet mother was born. November 16 1919. She was a young 27 years old when she had me. She had already lost one boy at birth, then had two girls, then me. I loved her so, she was so fun to be around and I would get so tickled at her when she would catch more fish than dad even though they were fishing in the same place and with the same bait.

She worked in a beauty salon and I would go help her clean up after the day. I remember one day she set me down in one of the chairs and gave me a perm. I looked so funny in curly hair and I had a hard time at school trying to explain to the other kids what happened. Why it worked I don’t know but I finally told them that I went to sleep and when I woke up it was curly. It must have worked for they quit teasing me.

The last 16 years of her life, she lived with a stroke. she could not talk or walk any more. She would get aggravated when she could not get something across, but we would work with her until we figured out what she was saying. She lived with us for a while and my kids would work with her. They kept asking her to say hippopotamus, she would finally get it out. I know she is in Heaven with our Lord and is surrounded with all of her loved ones who went before and after her. I just want to say Happy Birthday to her. Also that I will see her again some day.


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Veterans day 2016

I would like to say thank you to all the military men and women now serving, and to all who have served to keep us free.

I was very moved last night when we were invited to go to a Veterans day program at my grandsons grade school. All the froth graders were on stage singing and paying tribute to their veteran family members thatimg_3225 img_3249 were there. At the end of the program the teacher call up each branch of the service separately. We would come up front and stand with our child, he or she would then tell the audience what branch we were in and how long we served.

I am very proud to have served my country even though at the time the Vietnam war was being protested. I have loved my country even though some people have made us a laughing stock. Sure people our not happy about who was elected, but come off it. We would have people up set no matter what. That does not mean we should throw fits and tear up other peoples property. But that is what is great about the good old USA. We have the freedom to be upset. On the other hand we can worship our God even though the government is trying their best to take Him out of every thing. These children said the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag and they said one Nation Under God with the pride that all of us should have.

I just hope and pray that all Americans would stop taking our country for granite and realize how great we have it here.