My Story of Fighting Cancer. part 4.

I was finely released from the hospital and it felt so good to be home. After being home for a bit Charlotte asked me what sounded good to eat, I said sausage and biscuits. Before I knew it she had called our daughter-in-law to come over and baby set me while she ran to the store to get some groceries.

My sweet daughter-in-law came in and kept me company. I told her I was fine and that she did not need to stay. Well she told me to hush. She is a breast cancer survivor and so we compared chemo stories.

When Charlotte came in from the store she made home made biscuits and cooked up some sausage. Poor thing she went to all that trouble but I just could not eat very much, but it was good. I was still having problems eating any thing that reminded me of the hospital. I also had to be careful saying that something sounded good because she would head to the store to get it. I know some days she would run to the store three or four times a day.


My Story of Fighting Cancer. part 3.

Just a few pictures showing that I am getting better.

I had  to wear the oxygen censor on my ear, so I told the grandsons that poppy was wearing and earring.

I did not get to eat any solid food until the night before I was to get to go home. So I ordered several different things. I could only take maybe two or three bites of each, I guess the chemo made every thing taste wearied.

My Story of Fighting Cancer. part 2.

I was told that this first chemo was very aggressive. I did get pretty sick with the d word and the v word. I was on a liquid only diet, to keep me from getting to dehydrated they kept giving me liquids through my port. In fact I was receiving so much liquid that I was swelling up, in fact I swollen so bad that I was having liquids coming out of the pores in my arms. I would be laying there and I would have some water just shoot out my arm and on to the bed.

I remember when the nurses came in with mask and gloves, they told my wife that I was now neutropenic which meant my white blood count was very low. I don’t remember what day it was but I woke up with a sharp stabbing pain in my right side. I told Charlotte to call the nurse but she did not need to for I was screaming so loud that I know they could hear me. I had nurse running around trying to help me. I did not know what was happening, so I told Charlotte to call our son. Even though he was at work I told her that I did not want her hear by her self in case something happened. She told me later that while she was on the phone with him that he could hear me and that he would be there shortly. Working for the fire department they take family illness very seriously and they told him to go. Finley I was given enough Morphine that it took the pain away, never did figure out what it was but by now I did not care for I wasn’t hurting any more.

After spending I think it was 17 days in the hospital with the best care the nurses could give me I was able to go home. Before I got sick my wait was 235 pounds when I left the hospital I was down to 188 pounds. Thanks to my favorite nurse my wife of course I was getting better each day. I give God all the praise for giving the doctors and nurses the wisdom to treat me. I have chemo treatment every three weeks. after my second chemo I had no bad side effects in fact I felt good. I was weak but I managed to go to Sunday school, we recorded the church service so we could watch it at home.

My Story of Fighting Cancer. part 1.

In April of 2017 I had an Aneurysm of the artery in my lower left side of my belly. The end of June or the first part of July I started having pain in my stomach. I was not sure what was going on. I could not sleep on my sides so I would get up and try to sleep in my chair. This had been going on for about three weeks, my belly was getting so hard and I just could not eat very much. Finally I called my Gastrologist, My appointment was a good three weeks away, meanwhile I was sleeping in my chair and my belly was getting harder.
When I got in to see Doctor T. He asked me where I was hurting, then he examined me and was quiet concerned how tight my belly was. He wanted me to have an MRI so I had to wait another week to have it done. The day that I had the MRI he called me that afternoon and told me that he was very concerned on what he was seeing. He looked at the MRI that I had taken after the Stint they had installed back in April and what he was seeing in the MRI that I just had taken.
Dr. T Said he wanted me to have a biopsy taken of what he was seeing in the MRI, but they could not get me in for at least eight days. He did not want me to wait that long so he asked if I would be willing to see a cancer doctor. He got me in to see a doctor at the Harrington Cancer Center. I went to see him on August 2nd. 2017. Dr.T and Dr.Z looked over the MRI and so when I got to the dr. office he said that he would like to do a bone marrow biopsy on my hip so we did it right in the office. After he did the first biopsy it came up dry so he asked if he could take a second one, I told him to go ahead, it also came up dry. I was told that I had cancer of the lymph nodes. I was admitted to the hospital that same day, then August 5th. they did the Biopsy of the lymph node in my belly plus they went ahead and installed the port for them to do my chemo. August the 6th. I had my first chemo treatment in the hospital.

Tribute to my Father-in-law.

Happy father’s day to the father of my best friend and wife. Even though I did not get to know him very well due to him passing shortly after our marriage. I feel I got to know him through his kids.
I am wearing his wedding band. I lost mine several years ago when I had lost all my weight. My dear sweet Mother-in-law gave me Earl’s and I have been wearing it ever since. Oh by the way I have gained a lot of my weight back oh well.


Happy Farther’s Day

This is the weekend to celebrate our father’s, dad, pop’s are what ever our children named us. It has now been 40 years since my dad passed. I do miss him he was a great man who provided for his family. He was not afraid to give us a spanking if needed which I myself needed quite often, and I feel that I am a better man for it. Of course I am not sure what my on kids feel about when I would spank them, but they have all turned out to be the best children that a dad could ask for. I know that both of my sons do not believe in spanking their boys but all 4 of them have become wonderful grandchildren in my opinion.

Growing up

We knew this day was coming. My two youngest grandsons only live about 4 blocks from us. We were having a cook out here at the house to celebrate my old man birthday of 71 years young. When I heard some kids out in the front yard, the door bell rang and the boys came into the house, they were so excited they immediately told me that mom and dad wasn’t with them but they had ridden their bikes over to find out what time we wanted them for the cook out.

They took of and went back home. After a little bit we received a text from our daughter-in-law saying the boys were on their way back to our house on their bikes so Mama went out and took a picture of them. They felt like they were getting so big now that they could ride over without their mom or dad with them.

Mothers day 2017

I would like share about three wonderful and great women in my life. First is my mother, Alice Lee “Dawson” Harbin. She was always there for me especially when I would do stupid stuff. Like when I was in grade school my cousin and I was riding a horse saddle in the back of my uncles pickup setting in the drive way. I fell off and broke my right wrist. I was right handed so I had trouble in school doing any kind of writing she would help me try to learn how to right with my left hand.

While playing baseball at school and I was hit in the mouth, I was due to go on a campout with the Boy scouts. All I could eat was any thing that did not touch my lips. She went to the store and got me some “Beanie Weenies”, little weenies mixed in with beans. I would use a spoon and pour them into my mouth.

She worked in a beauty shop, cleaning and working the cash register. I remember one time I was helping her clean after hours, and why I do not know but she gave me a perm. I had a hard time explaining to the kids in school, why I suddenly had curly hair.

Like a dummy I quit school my sophomore year, but I did get a job as a grocery stocker in a little mom and pop store in Amarillo, then as a parking lot attendant at a parking lot company in downtown Amarillo. I always gave my folks my paychecks, so if I did need any money they would let me have it. I bought a little sports car to drive back and forth to work. One morning on my way to work a tractor trailer rig ran a red light and hit me in my new sports car on the passenger side, needless to say I was messed up pretty bad. My mom was told first that I was not going to live, then that I would never walk again, but through her faith in God and her prayers I was able to come home after two months in the hospital. I loved this woman, my Mom with all my heart.

Now this special woman, Charlotte C “Guyette” Harbin, I would tell you what the C stands for but I would like to live a little longer. I met her while working at the parking lots. Her and two other girls had come down to visit my boss. I kind of fell in love at first sight. We had met before my wreck and dated some. We broke up for some of my stupid reason not hers. She went off to college and I continued working. I had my wreck in July, I had only had this car for 18 days, any way she was home for the summer, her cousin my boss told her about my wreck so she came up with him to see me.

Bam it was love all over again we laughed and talked, the fire was relit. She has put up with me now thru thick and thin for 52 wonderful years. We have three beautiful kids. She has been the best mom and wife. We are best friends and I love her with all my heart. We also have two wonderful daughters in law and 4 grandsons.

Even though I used to smoke and had a horrible temper some time, she has mellowed me out and kept me around.

Now this sweet lady was my mother in law Violet Mae. “Cowden” Guyette. I have heard war stories about the in-laws but they are not true about her. She loved me at the start and always considered me as one of her sons. She would do any thing for us, in fact when I went into the Navy we had already bought a house for I did not think I would have to go because of my wreck. Any way this sweet woman moved in with Charlotte and made our house payments the whole time I was in.

When I got out of the Navy and started working again we started paying her back till one day she just up and told us that we have given her enough. I know we had not given her enough but there was no arguing with this lady.

She always called me Jim boy, Every  Thanksgiving or Christmas she would say now Jim boy I know you haven’t had enough to eat so get in there and fill your plate again.

It’s Gone

It snowed up till around noon with the wind blowing hard. Then the sun started trying to come out and the temperatures started claiming. By the time we were read to leave the house to go to church around 5:30pm the snow was pretty much goin. Got to love this time of the year in the Texas Panhandle.