53 Years Together

It is amazing, how even when you don’t know it God is working in your life. As a young 18 year old I was attracted to this beautiful young lady. I was a high school dropout, working in a parking lot down town Amarillo. These three young girls came in and she had my heart the minute I saw her.
We were both 19 years old when we were married. God has truly blessed us these 53 years. We have endured hard times and great times. Even during the hard times we were blessed. The first few years and after we had the three kids. I remember that I smoked back then, the twins were babies and they needed formula and I needed cigarettes. I bet you can guess which one won out; at least I had the good sense to quit smoking.
Through hard work and most of all God blessing us, I was able to get a job where even without a high school education I could provide a decent living. It has now been 53 yeas and Charlotte has had to go above and beyond living with this old goat. God I love that woman.



Just Hanging Out With Auntie Ce.

Saturday August 11th. Spent the day with Auntie Ce, and uncle Brian. After getting up and around we loaded up and went to LaMar’s Donuts and Coffee.
Afterwards Brian drove to Shawnee Mission Park. It has a beautiful lake, we went down and walked on the beach, then drove around the lake. There is a place in the park for people to fly remote control airplanes. We stopped and watched several planes take off and land. It is a very neat, it is well groomed and has a paved runway.
Later that evening we went out and had BBQ at Blind Box. Noah said that it was Amazing. After eating we went to Smiley’s Golf Complex and played miniature golf to work off our meal.




Union Station Kansas City Mo.

Our daughter took Friday off so she could have more time with Noah. He loves trains so we went to Union Station in downtown Kansas City.

First we rode the trolley around town and then went into the station. He loved seeing the model trains, the big clock and all the different things to see inside.


We had lunch at Harvey’s inside Union station, Noah ordered a Caesars Salad and a cup of chicken noodle soup. When the waitress found out he was 8 years old,  she said “are you sure you are not 38 years old.

Eatting at Union Sta

Youngest Grandson

We took the youngest grandson on his little trip. We always take the younger one on a trip after taking the older brother on their big trip.

My daughter works at the University of Kansas in Lawrence KS. She was taking off work at noon. So we drove to Lawrence to meet her and have lunch. She was getting her hair done so lunch was going to be a little late. We stopped off to get gas on the way and Noah wanted a blue berry slushy. When we finally  met up with Auntie Ce we told her that he was sick and that his tongue was turning blue.untitled


What a difference a year makes.

One year ago today 08/03/2017 I was in the Hospital. Having been diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Large B Cell Lymphoma. I have been truly blessed. I had my last treatment in Feb 2018 and now I am Cancer free.

When Kids Talk Back to their Mommy

The kid’s went on Vacation to  Williamsburg VA. I received this picture of the grandkids. I asked if they had been acting up and their mom said of course. I said that is a great way to punish them, give them soft drinks but put it where they can’t reach them.

Boys is stoks

Camping with our New Home on Wheels.

About a week ago we found a motorhome that we liked. So this last Friday 05/25/2018  our son took us to Corinth Texas to pick it up. This Memorial day weekend was a busy time for camping, my daughter-in-law found a place called Jellystone Park in Wichita Falls Texas that had two spots left.

We had to be in Corinth by 4:00 Friday afternoon. Jeff wanted to be there with us when we picked up the RV so we went with him as he pulled his travel trailer, we dropped it off at Jellystone then drove on down so we could pick up the motorhome. The boys had to finish up the last day of school. It let out at noon. Amy and the boys drove down to the camp ground in our car.Winnebago Vista

We spent the night in a spot by the RV dealership so we could get used to the motorhome, this way if we found something wrong we could get it taken care of the next day. Jeff went back to the camp ground so he would be there for the family. The next morning we drove to Jellystone to meet up with the kids.

We originally said that we did not want any televisions in the RV. But during the day the temps were in the high 90’s so we set inside and watched the TV under the air conditioning. When evening came and it started to cool down the son and I would grill out side and watched a little TV while cooking.

Mothers day 2018

Platia Greek KouzinaOur son that lives near Houston Texas called us last week. He wanted to know if we would meet them down by Dallas Texas for mother’s day. Dallas is about the half way point between Amarillo and Houston.

We had a great time visiting with them. Our son here in Amarillo got to come down also. In fact our daughter was the only one missing she just could not make it. We went to a Greek restaurant called Platia Greek Kouzina  for dinner, it was very interesting.

We left for home Monday, and as usual we ran into all types of weather. The temperature was up to 97 degrees as we went through Childress Texas. As we approached Memphis Texas which is 30 miles from Childress we started entering a thunderstorm. The wind was picking up the dirt from the plowed fields. It started raining with some hail and the temp. dropped 97 to 77 degrees.

After driving through the rain we could see what looked like another rain shaft off in the distance. It was not a rain shaft it was smoke from a range fire that has burning for about a week. It has burned thousand’s of acres. Charlotte got a picture of a helicopter that carries water to and from the fires. We haven’t had more than an inch of rain in the last 9 or 10 months.