When Kids Talk Back to their Mommy

The kid’s went on Vacation to  Williamsburg VA. I received this picture of the grandkids. I asked if they had been acting up and their mom said of course. I said that is a great way to punish them, give them soft drinks but put it where they can’t reach them.

Boys is stoks


Camping with our New Home on Wheels.

About a week ago we found a motorhome that we liked. So this last Friday 05/25/2018  our son took us to Corinth Texas to pick it up. This Memorial day weekend was a busy time for camping, my daughter-in-law found a place called Jellystone Park in Wichita Falls Texas that had two spots left.

We had to be in Corinth by 4:00 Friday afternoon. Jeff wanted to be there with us when we picked up the RV so we went with him as he pulled his travel trailer, we dropped it off at Jellystone then drove on down so we could pick up the motorhome. The boys had to finish up the last day of school. It let out at noon. Amy and the boys drove down to the camp ground in our car.Winnebago Vista

We spent the night in a spot by the RV dealership so we could get used to the motorhome, this way if we found something wrong we could get it taken care of the next day. Jeff went back to the camp ground so he would be there for the family. The next morning we drove to Jellystone to meet up with the kids.

We originally said that we did not want any televisions in the RV. But during the day the temps were in the high 90’s so we set inside and watched the TV under the air conditioning. When evening came and it started to cool down the son and I would grill out side and watched a little TV while cooking.

Mothers day 2018

Platia Greek KouzinaOur son that lives near Houston Texas called us last week. He wanted to know if we would meet them down by Dallas Texas for mother’s day. Dallas is about the half way point between Amarillo and Houston.

We had a great time visiting with them. Our son here in Amarillo got to come down also. In fact our daughter was the only one missing she just could not make it. We went to a Greek restaurant called Platia Greek Kouzina  for dinner, it was very interesting.

We left for home Monday, and as usual we ran into all types of weather. The temperature was up to 97 degrees as we went through Childress Texas. As we approached Memphis Texas which is 30 miles from Childress we started entering a thunderstorm. The wind was picking up the dirt from the plowed fields. It started raining with some hail and the temp. dropped 97 to 77 degrees.

After driving through the rain we could see what looked like another rain shaft off in the distance. It was not a rain shaft it was smoke from a range fire that has burning for about a week. It has burned thousand’s of acres. Charlotte got a picture of a helicopter that carries water to and from the fires. We haven’t had more than an inch of rain in the last 9 or 10 months.


Red River New mexico

Our next and last stop was Red River. Even though it looked so dry it started looking greener when we turned at Questa NM. As we stared climbing, the trees and brush got greener even though the Aspen trees did not have leaves yet. As we were coming into the town of Red River we had to come to a stop due to a deer just standing in the road.

You could tell that we were there out of season, due the fact that there weren’t many people and most of the business were shut down. We took a little drive up one of the ravine’s to just sight see. It was so beautiful seeing all the different color roof tops and the snow on top of the mountains.


We found a little place called Brett’s Bistro to eat lunch. Afterword’s we did some more sightseeing and Charlotte did some shopping when she found a store that was open. All the ski slopes had some snow left on them but I don’t think I would want to ski down them.

You can tell I always like to eat for I am always talking about it. When we are in Red River we have to eat at Sundance Mexican restaurant. It is only open on weekends and then just for supper. They open at five o’clock pm. When we got there shortly after 5 it was already busy. They serve sopapillas after your meal, but you would think it was a loaf of bread. UMM good.

We headed home the next morning, and on the way up the mountain pass we saw several elk. It seamed like every time we saw them there was no place to pull over.

Santa Fe New Mexico

We went to Santa Fe NM next and headed to the Santa Fe Plaza. It is the central part of down town. I finely got to use my scooter, it took me a little bit of time and effort to retrieve it from the trunk of the car and put it together. I finally got to go with Charlotte instead of just sitting in the car.

I know that I looked grouchy in the picture. 1. I did not know Charlotte was taking the picture and 2. I was cold, granted I was in the sun but there was a breeze and I had to keep moving. If I had known that it was going to be like this I would have put on long britches and maybe a jacket. I tried to keep out of the way of people taking pictures but for some reason they kept getting around me to take pictures of the building I was next to.

We went around down town looking at the buildings and shops. Loretto Chapel built in 1873 is a beautiful church. It has a spiral staircase that was built without any nails, in fact they are not sure what even holds it together let alone keeps it up. In the close up picture you can see the wooden pegs holding the uprights that hold the rail.

Albuquerque New Mexico

Albuquerque has always been special to us for it was where we lived after getting married in Amarillo Texas. We arrived around 1:00 that afternoon and decided to go to old town to eat and let Charlotte shop a little. We loved coming here as a young newlywed couple.

We had lunch at the La Placita Mexican restraint. We loved the atmosphere and food here. and the fact that there was a real tree growing in the place gave it that something special.

Afterwards we drove around and looked up our first place we lived just down the street from the university. We had gotten us a dog and the landlord said we could not have pets so we moved. We drove past that second apartment  also. Both places still looked the same and they have been well cared for, it has been 52 years since we lived there.

I have been thinking about getting a motorhome so we went by a RV dealership. We looked at several what they call class A and class C motorhomes. I test drove one of each kind, we liked the class A better, but after a lot of thinking we decided that we could stay in a lot of motels, and drive a lot cheaper by car for what one of those things cost.


Trip to the Mountains.

Charlotte and I were getting cabin fever so we decided to take a little trip. We haven’t been to the mountains in awhile so we took off.  We decided that we would go to Albuquerque New Mexico. We lived there when we were first married, Charlotte was going to the University of New Mexico.

We left Amarillo Texas heading west down Interstate 40. Charlotte had a friend tell her about this little restraint in Tucumcari New Mexico. What a name it is called the Pow Wow Restaurant & Lizard Lounge. We stopped there for breakfast, it is a fun little place. They have some paintings of people on the wall, it looks like they are sitting in the booths with you.