Camping with our New Home on Wheels.

About a week ago we found a motorhome that we liked. So this last Friday 05/25/2018  our son took us to Corinth Texas to pick it up. This Memorial day weekend was a busy time for camping, my daughter-in-law found a place called Jellystone Park in Wichita Falls Texas that had two spots left.

We had to be in Corinth by 4:00 Friday afternoon. Jeff wanted to be there with us when we picked up the RV so we went with him as he pulled his travel trailer, we dropped it off at Jellystone then drove on down so we could pick up the motorhome. The boys had to finish up the last day of school. It let out at noon. Amy and the boys drove down to the camp ground in our car.Winnebago Vista

We spent the night in a spot by the RV dealership so we could get used to the motorhome, this way if we found something wrong we could get it taken care of the next day. Jeff went back to the camp ground so he would be there for the family. The next morning we drove to Jellystone to meet up with the kids.

We originally said that we did not want any televisions in the RV. But during the day the temps were in the high 90’s so we set inside and watched the TV under the air conditioning. When evening came and it started to cool down the son and I would grill out side and watched a little TV while cooking.


36 thoughts on “Camping with our New Home on Wheels.

  1. I am glad you are on the road because I heard that your home got hail… lage hail golf ball size. When I saw that I thought of you guys and wondered if you were alright.
    Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

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    • Thank you Jose. We are fine, the large hail hit some of the small towns just Northeast of us. Felt sorry for them, but we could use the rain. Still very dry here in Amarillo.
      🙂 Jim


  2. We’ve just done a month in our motorhome in the Outer Hebrides which is the furthest west and north you can get in Europe and didn’t watch the TV once. Mainly because we were off grid most of the time but also because it wasn’t getting dark until about 11pm. However there are times when we’ve been away and we love to watch a film or catch up on TV.
    Happy Travels!

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    • Thank you. Sounds like y’all had a great time. We just got back from a week long trip with our 11 year old grandson. Now if I can get these doctors appointments out of the way maybe the wife and I can get some longer trips under our belt.

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    • We looked at Class C and drove one, along with a Class A. I liked both of them but we decided on the Class A. It set up taller and we loved the way that the driver and passenger seat swivels around which gives two more seats in the living area. Good luck on your search for a Class A.

      🙂 JIm

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