Mothers day 2018

Platia Greek KouzinaOur son that lives near Houston Texas called us last week. He wanted to know if we would meet them down by Dallas Texas for mother’s day. Dallas is about the half way point between Amarillo and Houston.

We had a great time visiting with them. Our son here in Amarillo got to come down also. In fact our daughter was the only one missing she just could not make it. We went to a Greek restaurant called Platia Greek Kouzina  for dinner, it was very interesting.

We left for home Monday, and as usual we ran into all types of weather. The temperature was up to 97 degrees as we went through Childress Texas. As we approached Memphis Texas which is 30 miles from Childress we started entering a thunderstorm. The wind was picking up the dirt from the plowed fields. It started raining with some hail and the temp. dropped 97 to 77 degrees.

After driving through the rain we could see what looked like another rain shaft off in the distance. It was not a rain shaft it was smoke from a range fire that has burning for about a week. It has burned thousand’s of acres. Charlotte got a picture of a helicopter that carries water to and from the fires. We haven’t had more than an inch of rain in the last 9 or 10 months.



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