Red River New mexico

Our next and last stop was Red River. Even though it looked so dry it started looking greener when we turned at Questa NM. As we stared climbing, the trees and brush got greener even though the Aspen trees did not have leaves yet. As we were coming into the town of Red River we had to come to a stop due to a deer just standing in the road.

You could tell that we were there out of season, due the fact that there weren’t many people and most of the business were shut down. We took a little drive up one of the ravine’s toΒ just sight see. It was so beautiful seeing all the different color roof tops and the snow on top of the mountains.


We found a little place called Brett’s Bistro to eat lunch. Afterword’s we did some more sightseeing and Charlotte did some shopping when she found a store that was open. All the ski slopes had some snow left on them but I don’t think I would want to ski down them.

You can tell I always like to eat for I am always talking about it. When we are in Red River we have to eat at Sundance Mexican restaurant. It is only open on weekends and then just for supper. They open at five o’clock pm. When we got there shortly after 5 it was already busy. They serve sopapillas after your meal, but you would think it was a loaf of bread. UMM good.

We headed home the next morning, and on the way up the mountain pass we saw several elk. It seamed like every time we saw them there was no place to pull over.


9 thoughts on “Red River New mexico

  1. Sounds like you had a great time! I have been lucky enough to visit Red River and I just love it! It will be one of my first places to go when my dog and I head out in August to camp or way across the US. Love the pictures, by the way- very cool

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