This has to stop. This is called Cut Throat.

This is how I told the kids that I was going to have surgery again.  I was going  to get my throat  cut. Looks worse than it is.

Well I thought I was through. About a month ago the nurse from doctor Z called. She said that my calcium was high and that the doctor wanted me to see a Vascular Surgeon. That was about all she said so at the time we had no idea what this was about. We were set up to see doctor M who by the way was the doctor who did the biopsy from when I was diagnosed with cancer.

When we went to see doctor M, he told us that the Parathyroid gland was causing my calcium level to be too high. The blood test also showed that one or even all four of the Parathyroid is the problem. There is no medication that I could take to fix this problem. He would have to do surgery to fix it.

Before he would do the surgery I was to go and have what was called 3 D pictures, and a cat scan of my Parathyroid so he would know which one to take out, and he would not have to do exploratory surgery to find it.

So April the 3rd I checked into BSA day surgery. The surgery took two hours to complete, he had to remove one on the right side. The test that they ran also said their might be a problem with the ones on the left side also, so he went in to check them out and praise the Lord doctor M said they looked good so he didn’t have to do any thing with them. He also told us that no cancer was found in them, there is another Praise the Lord. Amen.

I did have to spend the night at the hospital but only for precautionary purpose. I was amazed my neck was only tender to the touch. It did hurt to swallow but that was from the tube they put down my throat.


35 thoughts on “This has to stop. This is called Cut Throat.

    • Yes, John it was. Of course it was years ago, my mom had a stroke shortly after she had her thyroid removed. I also know that was a lot bigger surgery than I had, but I guess it was in the back of my mind. 🙂 Jim


  1. Good news Jim, thank you for letting us know. I am learning so much from your blog posts, I might be able to apply for medical school. Take Care my friend.

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    • Thank you. I do use the local VA a lot, but this procedure was done at one of our local hospitals. We are truly blessed in my home town with great medical services. 🙂 Jim


  2. A few years ago, my sister had one of her parathyroid glands removed also. It was malfunctioning and pulling excess calcium out of her bones for no good reason. This was causing her calcium levels to be way too high.
    Graves autoimmune thyroid runs in my family (I had it too), and doctors use Radioactive Iodine (RAI) to nuke/kill the thyroid to stop the hyperthyroidism. Unfortunately, this sometimes damages the parathyroid glands also–and sometimes the extent of the damage doesn’t show up for many years. So we check our calcium levels from time to time to make sure calcium levels are within normal range. You must have had a doctor who had more experience with parathyroid surgery–because my sister said it took 7 hours with her surgery. I have heard that the parathyroid glands are about as big as a grain of rice–and I think she said the doctor had difficulty finding it? Can’t remove what you can’t locate!

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    • So sorry she and you had to go through this. My doctor new right where they were and what to do. My Calcium level’s dropped immediately and has stayed normal ever since. I am doing great now, just tender where the incisions is. Have a blessed weekend and up coming week. Praying you and your family are doing well now.
      🙂 Jim


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