Merry Christmas

We actually celebrated Christmas with all my family last week. All of my kids and grandkids were able to make it. First time in I have no ideal how long that we have been able to get all of them here. I wasn’t able to get them in any pictures as family members. Although we did get the four grandsons, yea.




Next to the last Lumbar Puncture.

Last Friday 12/15/2107 I had my third Lumbar puncture. It started off different. When it was first set up I was supposed to be there early around 09:00 am. Well it was changed to 11:00 am. Of course I could not have any thing to eat or drink after midnight. For some reason this time I was told that I needed an IV, Of course after not having any thing to drink after 12 hours now I am very dehydrated. I was stuck several times trying to get the IV started, Finally another nurse was called in and she got one started right in the bend of the arm. I don’t know if it is because I am getting old or what but each one of the sticks hurt.

About 12:30 pm they came to take me down for the procedure. There was some one ahead of me so I was left out in the hall in my bed until they were ready for me. I was then rolled in next to the x-ray table so I could roll over on the table lying on my stomach. It was hard to do with the IV in the bend my arm but I made it. The nurse asked me why I had an IV and why it was placed where it was at. I told her why they placed it where it was at, but that I did not remember having an IV before. The doctor came in to do the puncture. He told me that I would feel a little stick from the needle, I felt it all right and I jumped, he apologized and I told him even though I knew it was coming I just couldn’t help but jump. After that I felt nothing else it was great. He finished up, then they had me roll back over onto the bed. The transporter took me back to my room it was around 2:00 PM.

I was able to have the bed at a little angle which helped. I did have to lay in bed for two hours before I could go to the bathroom. It was about 4:00PM and I told Charlotte that I was needing to go. I figured it was so close that I could just get up and go. I started to get up when an alarm went off. I did not know that they had set the alarm on the bed to go off if I tried to get out of bed. So the nurses desk called and asked what I needed, I told them I had to go to the bathroom. The nurse came in and turned off the alarm and started helping me out of bed. I told her I could get up and go. I also asked if they could remove the IV. She said that she did not know why it wasn’t used, but that they could remove it. Finally it was 8: PM and I was told that the 6 hours was up and that I could go home.

After getting home I stayed either in my recliner or the bed until 2:00 pm the next day. Now all I like is doing the last one in about three weeks.

A Portable Vietnam Wall.

The portable Vietnam wall was brought to Amarillo Texas and set up in one of our city parks. It was only going to be set up here for four days before it is moved to another city. There was an opening ceremony on Thursday December 7th and the closing ceremony will be Sunday December 10th.

We took our two grandsons one 10 years old and the other is 8. to see the wall today. It was a little hard for them to understand the depth of what all the names meant. We explained that we had two friends who were killed over there. We looked up their names and showed them to the boys. My ten-year old told me that there were 58,318 names on the wall. I was impressed but he did not tell me if had read something their about the total number or if he had learned this at school. He was trying to imagine what that many people would look like if they were all in one place.

There was an 18 wheeler parked in the lot and it had several window display on both sides of the trailer. One side showed some of the uniforms the army men wore while over there and some C-rats that they had to eat. There was also a granite piece showing what the real wall looks like. On the other side there were several windows that had screens which showed pictures of our area men and what city they were from. So we were able to let them see a picture of the two friends whose names we showed them. There was also a map of Vietnam so I showed them where my ship would bring troops in and out of Da Nang.