Halloween 2017

My two favorite trick or treaters came by tonight. The oldest one, it is easy to tell who he was. the youngest one was a railroad worker.


My Story of Fighting Cancer. Part 8. Part 2

Well I went in today 10/30/2017 for my 5th Chemo treatment. After having blood work taken I went up to see Dr. Z. After visiting with him and having him look me over the way he does, I was told that they were just waiting on the lab work before I go down to start my chemo.

After a bit he came in and told me that my liver enzymes were up and that I would not be doing chemo today. I asked him what caused this problem. He said that it could be the lymphoma but he did not think so because the body scan did not show any thing. Or it could be just a mix up on the labs part. Or it could be due to the medication that I was given when I had the Lumbar puncture. One of the side effects of chemo drug they gave me for the lumbar puncture will effect the liver, so if that is the case I am sure Dr. Z will order a different med for the next treatment.

He has ordered and MRI of my liver and then I will have my chemo next Monday. I feel so good that I am sure they will find nothing seriously wrong and I can get back on scheduled.

My Story of Fighting Cancer. Part 8.

Well I have had the first Lumbar Puncture yesterday 10/27/2017. To prepare for this I had to stop taking my 81 mg Aspirin and also the blood thinner that I was on five days before the procedure. I was not to eat or drink anything 8 hours before I came in.

My appointment was at 12:30 pm at the hospital. When I got there and checked in I was told that they would have to admit me for I would have to lay flat on my back for 6 hours before I could go home. I was admitted on the 8th floor which was the same floor I was on back in August, the nurses remembered me so I don’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. They did hug me though so maybe it was a good thing. They told me the reason I was brought up there was due to me being on chemo and so I could not be in the day surgery area for fear of me getting an infection.

When I was taken down for the procedure I had to lay on my stomach on a x-ray table. They did an image of my back so they would know where to place the needle. I felt the first little pinch where they gave me the deadening shot. I could feel some pressure when he put the needle in my spine. He said he was to remove 12 cc of spinal fluid for Dr. Z and then he would put in the chemo drug. Dr. Z ordered this he said to prevent further cancer, sure hope it works. I may have to have this done 3 or 4 more times but now I know what to expect. After I got home I had to continue to stay flat on my back for a total of 24 hours from the time of they completed the procedure, well I could get up to potty.

My Story of Fighting Cancer. part 7.

I had never had a PET scan before. It was set up for Monday 10/2/2017, to get ready for it I had to drink 64oz of water Sunday 10/01/2017, could not have any sweets, bread, and fruit I was told if it tasted good spit it out, well it would be easer to tell what I could have.  I did have eggs for breakfast, Steak for lunch with raw cauliflower, and broccoli, and some cooked spinach. I guarantee that the steak tasted good and I was not about to spit it out.

I got up to Harrington Cancer Center where I as going to have the PET scan. First I was taken into this room where I laid down, she came in and gave me some radiation dye to put in my arm. She explain that this would make any cancer cells light up because it likes to take any thing it can get. I had to lay in that room with the lights turned down low for they wanted me to be completely relaxed. after an hour had passed she came in and took me to where the PET scan machine was. It looked a lot like a cat scan but maybe a little smaller. She told me it would run for at least 25 minuets. It would not talk to me and first it will do like a cat scan then a pet scan, that was the longest 25 minutes, I could not move or take any deep breaths.

10/09/2017 a week later I had my chemo treatment. First I went in and the nurse accesses my port so she could draw blood, and also have it ready to do chemo later. Then I went up stairs to see Dr. Z when he came in he had a big smile on his face. He asked if I had not heard the results of my PET scan, I told him no. He said the I am in remission and that they could not find any cancer cells. Praise the Lord. But he did tell me that since back when he did the biopsy of my hip when I first came to see him, he would like for me to get some chemo injected into my bone marrow so that I might not get cancer in my back. This was my forth out of six chemo’s and he wants me to go ahead and have the other two done also, so that means I should be through in November.