My Story of Fighting Cancer. part 6.

Dr. M was the doctor that did the Biopsy of the lymph nodes in my belly and installed the port. He checked on me every day that I was in the hospital. He and Dr. Z was very concerned about me, they both said I was a very sick man. Any way as I improved, Dr. M told me he would like to see me in three weeks after I was discharged from the hospital.

When I went to the appointment he was so surprised at how good I looked. He examined the three incisions where he did the biopsy and was very pleased, then he proceeded to push on my belly, he was surprised how soft it was getting concerned how hard it was when he first saw me. Finley he told me he was letting me go and when Dr. Z tells me I can get rid of the port, to contact him and he would remove it.

I don’t remember If I had said what I have but It is called Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Large B cell of the lymph nodes in my belly. This is in the area that keeps the intestines where they belong. They were causing a blockage thus the reason my belly was getting so tight.

I had my third Chemo last Monday the 18th. of September every thing went great. In fact Dr. Z wants me to have a PET scan on the second of October to see how things or looking on getting read of the cancer.

I have been getting my apatite back, and we haven’t had lunch so Charlotte asked me what I would like to eat for a late lunch. I decided a steak soundedΒ  good, so we stopped and I ordered a Chicken Fried Steak and yes I finished the whole thing.


22 thoughts on “My Story of Fighting Cancer. part 6.

  1. Dear Jim!
    I’ve just been reading your story here, and I’m so relieved to hear everything is looking good! We are fortunate to live in countries where the doctors are highly skilled, so I’m confident that your treatment will rid you completely of the cancer! I’ll be reading your updates as they come, even though I don’t post comments every time. All the best wishes to you and yours πŸ™‚

    Gunnvor Karita

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