Mothers day 2017

I would like share about three wonderful and great women in my life. First is my mother, Alice Lee “Dawson” Harbin. She was always there for me especially when I would do stupid stuff. Like when I was in grade school my cousin and I was riding a horse saddle in the back of my uncles pickup setting in the drive way. I fell off and broke my right wrist. I was right handed so I had trouble in school doing any kind of writing she would help me try to learn how to right with my left hand.

While playing baseball at school and I was hit in the mouth, I was due to go on a campout with the Boy scouts. All I could eat was any thing that did not touch my lips. She went to the store and got me some “Beanie Weenies”, little weenies mixed in with beans. I would use a spoon and pour them into my mouth.

She worked in a beauty shop, cleaning and working the cash register. I remember one time I was helping her clean after hours, and why I do not know but she gave me a perm. I had a hard time explaining to the kids in school, why I suddenly had curly hair.

Like a dummy I quit school my sophomore year, but I did get a job as a grocery stocker in a little mom and pop store in Amarillo, then as a parking lot attendant at a parking lot company in downtown Amarillo. I always gave my folks my paychecks, so if I did need any money they would let me have it. I bought a little sports car to drive back and forth to work. One morning on my way to work a tractor trailer rig ran a red light and hit me in my new sports car on the passenger side, needless to say I was messed up pretty bad. My mom was told first that I was not going to live, then that I would never walk again, but through her faith in God and her prayers I was able to come home after two months in the hospital. I loved this woman, my Mom with all my heart.

Now this special woman, Charlotte C “Guyette” Harbin, I would tell you what the C stands for but I would like to live a little longer. I met her while working at the parking lots. Her and two other girls had come down to visit my boss. I kind of fell in love at first sight. We had met before my wreck and dated some. We broke up for some of my stupid reason not hers. She went off to college and I continued working. I had my wreck in July, I had only had this car for 18 days, any way she was home for the summer, her cousin my boss told her about my wreck so she came up with him to see me.

Bam it was love all over again we laughed and talked, the fire was relit. She has put up with me now thru thick and thin for 52 wonderful years. We have three beautiful kids. She has been the best mom and wife. We are best friends and I love her with all my heart. We also have two wonderful daughters in law and 4 grandsons.

Even though I used to smoke and had a horrible temper some time, she has mellowed me out and kept me around.

Now this sweet lady was my mother in law Violet Mae. “Cowden” Guyette. I have heard war stories about the in-laws but they are not true about her. She loved me at the start and always considered me as one of her sons. She would do any thing for us, in fact when I went into the Navy we had already bought a house for I did not think I would have to go because of my wreck. Any way this sweet woman moved in with Charlotte and made our house payments the whole time I was in.

When I got out of the Navy and started working again we started paying her back till one day she just up and told us that we have given her enough. I know we had not given her enough but there was no arguing with this lady.

She always called me Jim boy, EveryΒ  Thanksgiving or Christmas she would say now Jim boy I know you haven’t had enough to eat so get in there and fill your plate again.


30 thoughts on “Mothers day 2017

    • Thank you Christy. I do miss that beautiful Lady, but her daughter, my wife as kept up the tradition. She always wants to know if I had enough to eat. I guess that is why I am kind of big around the middle, ha ha.
      πŸ™‚ Jim

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