Gallery: Mom at the Helm

We went to Kemah Texas over the weekend to celebrate our son and daughter in-law birthday. We  had a great time with them Friday then Friday night we took them and our two grandsons plus their girlfriends out for a birthday dinner.

My son and daughter in-law live on their 40 foot sail boat. Every time we have been down there he has had some project going refurbishing the boat that he couldn’t take us out on it. So Saturday around noon we headed out into Galveston Bay. The wind was blowing around 25 knots so it was a little rough but the boat handled great. They extended the Jib sail out about half way and the back sail about the same. For as windy as it was we sailed verily smooth. We were doing around seven knots out to the ship channel. we sailed around for a couple of hours it was so relaxing for me and Charlotte of course the Kids and their friend who came along as a mate did all the work. We had a great time with the kids, but the weather back home was forecasting snow so we decided to cut the trip short and head home Sunday.

img_3373 img_3377 img_3379 img_3384



25 thoughts on “Gallery: Mom at the Helm

    • Yes sir we had a great time with them. Always enjoy our kids it is just this one lives 11 hours away so we usually get to see them at least twice a year. So any excuse we can get we travel down there. 🙂 Jim

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  1. Living on a sail boat sounds fun! I am a bit of a non-swimmer (as in I knew how to swim but now I do not, do not ask me how) so I am always wary of being on the waters. But recently we too did a weekend trip staying on a yacht and it was fab.

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  2. Wonderful photographs ! Sorry to be late coming around but you have slipped from my reader and email…once again. Continue to have adventures Jim and to enjoy your beautiful family.

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