Ancester DNA

Back in April of 2016 we went to on a trip back East. I was told that I had some American Indian in me so I looked it up and found that supposedly my 4th Great Grandmother was Shawnee. We went to that area of what is now West Virginia and looked up what I thought was my Sixth Great Grandfather.

My son got me a DNA kit from and so I sent it in. According to it I am 53% Great Britain, 18% Ireland, and 29% other. The other shows 0% Native American. So if I do have any Indian, it is so low that it did not even show up.,

It did support that my family came from England though so that is a good thing. I guess now if I get a chance we will have to plan a trip over their.


9 thoughts on “Ancester DNA

  1. Personally I would believe the people wgho tell you that you are part Shawnee, rather than the test, accurate as it may be. It’s a lot more exciting being part Native American than part British…..believe me!


    • I do have family from around the area of West Virginia though so for some reason I still believe the story. So I guess I can continue to say that is my story and I am sticking to it. 🙂 🙂 Jim


  2. I’ve thought it’d be great fun to do the DNA thingy too—my family is *supposedly* all of Norwegian ancestry on both sides, but I find it hard to imagine there isn’t a bit of *something* Other here and there in the mix. 🙂


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