Ancester DNA

Back in April of 2016 we went to on a trip back East. I was told that I had some American Indian in me so I looked it up and found that supposedly my 4th Great Grandmother was Shawnee. We went to that area of what is now West Virginia and looked up what I thought was my Sixth Great Grandfather.

My son got me a DNA kit from and so I sent it in. According to it I am 53% Great Britain, 18% Ireland, and 29% other. The other shows 0% Native American. So if I do have any Indian, it is so low that it did not even show up.,

It did support that my family came from England though so that is a good thing. I guess now if I get a chance we will have to plan a trip over their.


26 thoughts on “Ancester DNA

  1. Personally I would believe the people wgho tell you that you are part Shawnee, rather than the test, accurate as it may be. It’s a lot more exciting being part Native American than part British…..believe me!


  2. I’ve thought it’d be great fun to do the DNA thingy too—my family is *supposedly* all of Norwegian ancestry on both sides, but I find it hard to imagine there isn’t a bit of *something* Other here and there in the mix. 🙂

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      • Interestingly, one of my sisters just wrote and said she’d done the test and it confirmed the ‘legend’—which, I’m assuming since we’re full sisters, means it’s true for me too: we’re pretty much all-Scandinavian for at least 3 generations back, and then a bit of the British Isles leaks in (presumably the influence of, *ahem*, certain travel-prone Viking-ish types back then…) 😉

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      • Kathryn isn’t it nice to know and confirm our heritage. I don’t know if it will happen but we would like to go across the big pond and see where we are from. I have been trying to get my wife to do hers. Her maiden name is Guyette but she believes that it was changed from Gogut when they landed in Canada. Have a blessed week. 🙂 Jim


    • I have been fascinated with the results. It helped confirm some of which I knew about and makes me more curious about some it did not mention. Genealogy is fun but some time frustrating. Have a blessed week. 🙂 Jim


  3. We have fairly good idea of our heritage since my Mom’s parents were from Sweden and Germany, my Dad’s were from Scotland and England. There are trees on both sides but it is nice to have the blood tested if someone didn’t have family trees. Yours is interesting and if a family member is Native American, it would be nice to know the background, Jim. 🙂

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    • Yes it would, I have talked with some of my cousins and most of them also have heard that we have Native American in us from our Grandmothers side. The sad thing is my parents and all of my aunt and uncles or gone. So unless I can turn up some proof I will just have believe I do. Have a blessed day and it is nice to hear where your blood line is also. 🙂 Jim


  4. I’m wondering if your Shawnee ancestor might have actually been a settler’s wife or child who was either taken captive by warring tribes, or was found orphaned by them and taken in? It would explain both scenarios – the stories in your family, and the DNA results, which are usually fairly accurate. If she was Caucasian, it wouldn’t show up as Native American on the DNA, but she could have well been raised among, and lived like, a Shawnee.
    I grew up in Kansas, and have heard of similar stories in people’s pasts (including my own family); I grew up down the road from a Native American heritage centre, and took part in the local powwows growing up; I also have an Indian name (Running Deer) that was given to me by a Cherokee chieftain at once such occasion. But I seriously doubt (though I might be surprised) if NA DNA would pop up in my bloodline…

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    • Thank you Karen. I have always wanted to do it mu self, but did not want to spend $99.00 to do it. I think that is why my son decided to get it for me to do. I did enjoy finding where all my roots were. Have a blessed week. 🙂 Jim

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  5. This DNA kit is quite interesting. I need to get mine done too, I have a kit as a Christmas present. I am the only one left in the family to get mine out, results from my daughters and their dad are intriguing. Apparently, one of my daughter has East Indian gene, her sister doesn’t. The East Indian gene is meant to be from West Africa where I am from. Their father turns out to more of Irish than Scottish or Canadian, the two counties his parents are from.

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