After the storm.

Praise the Lord here in Amarillo the ice storm in our part of town wasn’t to bad. After staying in the house all weekend we woke up to about 3″ of snow. Last night after it started getting dark the temps started dropping and so the rain turned into snow. This morning the clouds started breaking up and the sun is peaking out. I haven’t seen the reports on how much liquid we received by the snow but before it fell we have had 2 1/4″ of rain the past 48 hours. This should help break the drought we have here.



24 thoughts on “After the storm.

  1. Ice storms are the worst! We’ve been pretty lucky and haven’t had much snow or ice this winter, although I like snow! 😦

    Glad it’s helping out with your drought situation, though. I thought that Texas was over the drought last year. I’m glad to see that California has been getting some much needed precipitation the past few weeks as well, except for the flooding in some areas there.

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    • Thank you Pamela. It is true we are about over the drought. But we have days when the wend gets up to 4o to 50 mph which dries us out and we are prone to grass fires. The local lake which is about 50 miles NE of us has risen from the record low of 26 feet back up to 62 feet deep, at one time it was right at 100 feet deep.
      Hope all is well with you. Have a blessed week coming up. 🙂 Jim


  2. We’ve been having a bit of winter-drought here in Switzerland, too; we didn’t get as much snow or rain this winter as we usually do, and so our lake and reservoir levels have dropped to a 30-year record. We did get several inches of snow which will help, especially up in the Alps where the larger amount of snow will help replenish the streams when the melt water begins, but hopefully we’ll have a few more really rainy days here to compensate…

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    • Sorry to hear about y’all having a drought there also. We will pray that you will also get some rain, so far this year we are running about 2″ above our normal rain fall. Just hoping we keep this pace this year. They have finely started letting boats back on our lake, it has a ways to go before it is full but at least it is heading in the right direction. Have a blessed weekend and up coming week. 🙂 Jim

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