First Fire in the Fireplace 2017

We are having an Ice storm in our part of Texas. So far we have received a little over 3/4 inch rain and the Temp out side is hovering around 32 Degrees F.Β So I decided since we are going to be stuck at home it was time to have a fire.



24 thoughts on “First Fire in the Fireplace 2017

  1. That’s beautiful! I love a cozy fire In the fireplace. We very rarely see that here so it’s a treat to visit your ‘s Jim. Such a lovely picture. My uncle in El Paso says its icy there too! Stay warm! Love to you and yours!

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    • Thank you. It is cozy, we have stayed in all weekend. We have lucked out the temp has stayed around 32 degrees F. We have received around 2″ of rain so if it had gotten any colder we would have been in lots of trouble. Have a blessed week. πŸ™‚ Jim

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