November 16, a special day.

On this day 97 years ago my sweet mother was born. November 16 1919. She was a young 27 years old when she had me. She had already lost one boy at birth, then had two girls, then me. I loved her so, she was so fun to be around and I would get so tickled at her when she would catch more fish than dad even though they were fishing in the same place and with the same bait.

She worked in a beauty salon and I would go help her clean up after the day. I remember one day she set me down in one of the chairs and gave me a perm. I looked so funny in curly hair and I had a hard time at school trying to explain to the other kids what happened. Why it worked I don’t know but I finally told them that I went to sleep and when I woke up it was curly. It must have worked for they quit teasing me.

The last 16 years of her life, she lived with a stroke. she could not talk or walk any more. She would get aggravated when she could not get something across, but we would work with her until we figured out what she was saying. She lived with us for a while and my kids would work with her. They kept asking her to say hippopotamus, she would finally get it out. I know she is in Heaven with our Lord and is surrounded with all of her loved ones who went before and after her. I just want to say Happy Birthday to her. Also that I will see her again some day.


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32 thoughts on “November 16, a special day.

  1. Hoping you had wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine has been fun but hectic! Spent with my Mom, 3 grown children and seven grandies! I made sure to get photos!
    Blessings sent for you and your family for the whole holiday season, Jim! xo ❤

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    • Thank you so much. We did have a great time, not all of my kids and grand kids were able to make it. But our daughter came in from Kansans and of course the son and his family that lives here made it. It is always hectic but that what we live for is to see our kids and the grandkids grow up. So glade to hear you had a wonderful thanksgiving. >) Jim


  2. My Mom was born on November first and I was born on November 15, so have a love and respect for your precious mother. I feel there is a possibility that angels can see how we are doing, so am believing she knows the fine family man you are and loves each of the members. ❤
    Hope you aren't offended by my faith in angels and their presence in our lives, Jim. xo

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