Veterans day 2016

I would like to say thank you to all the military men and women now serving, and to all who have served to keep us free.

I was very moved last night when we were invited to go to a Veterans day program at my grandsons grade school. All the froth graders were on stage singing and paying tribute to their veteran family members thatimg_3225 img_3249 were there. At the end of the program the teacher call up each branch of the service separately. We would come up front and stand with our child, he or she would then tell the audience what branch we were in and how long we served.

I am very proud to have served my country even though at the time the Vietnam war was being protested. I have loved my country even though some people have made us a laughing stock. Sure people our not happy about who was elected, but come off it. We would have people up set no matter what. That does not mean we should throw fits and tear up other peoples property. But that is what is great about the good old USA. We have the freedom to be upset. On the other hand we can worship our God even though the government is trying their best to take Him out of every thing. These children said the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag and they said one Nation Under God with the pride that all of us should have.

I just hope and pray that all Americans would stop taking our country for granite and realize how great we have it here.


16 thoughts on “Veterans day 2016

  1. I fully agree with everything you have said! The people who protest about the result of a democratic election are unbelievably childish. It has been just the same here in England with our referendum. The losing side seem as if they cannot accept the fact that the poor neglected unemployed people hate them for their smugness and have voted accordingly.

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  2. My thanks to all veterans. Without you, we would not be free to spout off on FB or protest in the streets of our country! May God bless you!

    Those of us who saw it will never forget the images of American GIs going into concentration camps and bringing out those men who looked more like skeletons than men, but they were living. Many were on gurneys and had their hands folded in prayer. Others were supported by GIs. Some of us remember seeing pictures of the massive burial sites where God’s people were thrown after being killed for only one reason – Hitler was a racist and tyrant. Yes, God used our WWII veterans to save the remnant of the Jewish people and the non-Jews who dared to help them. May God forgive those who do not understand the importance of free elections.

    All our veterans have one thing in common – they stand or stood against tyranny and injustice. Thank you!

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