Chang of Plan while on the Road

After leaving Bennington VT we head toward Buffalo NY. I had forgotten this was the Labor day weekend. As we got to Schenectady NY. Traffic was starting to get busy. Then when we got to Syracuse it was getting to be a mad house. We spotted a mall and pulled in to do a potty brake. while there we overheard some young people talking about the NY State Fair held there. Traffic coming in to Syracuse was bumper to bumper, so we decided to head south away from all this traffic. WE spent the night in Vestal NY.

We decided since we were close to the finger lakes we would just drive over top1150122 one of them. We set the Garmin for Watkins Glen NY. Charlotte had read about a water falls there. We stopped at the water fall, their was very little water coming down it. Their was a couple there, Charlotte talked with them, the lady told her that it was very sad. Due to a drought there just not enough water.

Lake Seneca was beautiful though. While Charlotte was walking around I talked with a man who was about go out on his boat. He was telling me that he has sailed from this lake up to lake Erie then through the Erie canal and then around to the Atlantic Ocean.

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