Stopping for Lunch

We made it to Bennington VT. It was lunch time plus there was an old church that Charlotte wanted to see. We found the cutest little hole in the wall called Lil’ Britain. We both ordered fish and chips, and we had col slaw which was likeimg_3066 pickled veggies. Ever thing was delicious, the breading on the fish was perfect, the fish had a wonderful flavor, I did not ask what kind of fish it was.

After eating we drove to the Old First Church. It is a beautiful church with a very old cemetery next to it.

p1150095 p1150099 p1150107



4 thoughts on “Stopping for Lunch

  1. In Britain fish and chips was usually cod, or the customer was asked if they wanted cod or haddock. As cod has been overfished, you do still get it, but TV programmes have investigated and found that a lot of shops are cheating their customers by using catfish from abroad or even Vietnamese river fish. Cod is best though!

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