Portland ME

After leaving Acadia National Park and the Lighthouse we headed toward Portland. Back in 2013 we were on a cruse out of NY City up to Nova Scotia. Any way as we cruised on the way back down I had something to eat that made me sick. We docked in Portland and this was the second time now that we have been in Maine. I still hadn’t had any Maine lobster.

Enough about that sob story. We pulled into Portland and we had talked about that time on the cruse when we went to the Portland Lobster Co. So we went there this time and I finely got my Maine Lobster.

img_3042 img_3044 img_3046

When we finished with our lunch we drove over to the Portland Head Light. It was another beautiful Light house.

img_3052 img_3053 img_3059


4 thoughts on “Portland ME

  1. We also went a cruise from NYC up to Nova Scotia in 2013…we went to see the fall colors but they were in the middle of a late Indian Summer so instead as we drove home from NYC we saw beautiful fall colors as we headed back to PA!! Maine was indeed one of our favorite stops tied with Nova Scotia.

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