Back to the USA

After leaving Sherbrooke QC, Canada we headed South down in to Vermont, New Hampshire, and over to Maine. We stopped in a cute little town call Rumford ME for a bite of lunch. The Tourist information told us of a new place in town called Good Karma sandwich. We went but it took them for ever to get our order ready, it cost us a 1 hour delay. The salad I had and the wrap Charlotte had was good, but not sure it was worth the wait. We ended up at Bangor ME. Charlotte had saved some of her root beer so I had her turn the bottle so it looked like a beer took a picture and texted the kids, told them that I was driving their mom to drink.

img_2928 img_2929 img_2942 img_2948 img_2950 img_2951 img_2959 img_2960


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