Sherbrooke Quebec Canada

After spending some time in Montreal we decided to drive across to Sherbrooke and spend the night in Canada. It was getting close to lunch time when we spotted a Five Guys Burgers. We love these burgers so we decidedimg_2921 that it wouldn’t take us to long to get one and get back on the road. Thank goodness the lady spoke English who took our order. It was neat though the coke machine was in French.

We set the Garmin to take us to our motel in Sherbrooke. When we arrived it was to early to check in so we drove around and I let Charlotte do some “yuk” shopping. It was the least I could do for putting up with my crazy driving. You know I mentioned those one way signs well I uh accidently went the wrong way once well maybe twice.

p1140917 p1140918 p1140916

That night for dinner we wanted to go to one of their restaurants. It was called East Side Marios. What an experience, We went in and said we need a table for two. The lady had some one show us our table. She spoke some English and asked what we wanted to drink. The menus were in French though. The waitress came and asked us in French what we would like I think. I asked if she spoke English, she said very little. She asked if we could speak French, Charlotte said she could understand a little. She asked if we would like to see a English menu, we said no that this one was just fine and that we were having fun with it. When she asked what we would like I pointed to what I would like and Charlotte told her what she wanted. The food and service was wonderful.

img_2922 img_2923 img_2924




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