Going into a Province of Canada.

We have not been in Quebec Province so we decided to drive up to Montreal QC. We brought our Passports just in case we needed them. I had Charlotte change the Garmin from MPH to KM so I could keep up with how fast I was driving. I definitely did not want to get a speeding ticket out of country. Thankimg_2926 goodness the stop signs and one way signs looked the same as ours here in the US for I could not read the writing on them. I had forgotten that Quebec was a French speaking part of Canada.

I was glad we had the Garmin because Montreal had all kind of road construction going on. Down town was busy with construction, and delivery trucks. People changing lanes, honking at you to move even when you could not. Charlotte said it reminded her of New York City.

img_2918img_2920p1140894 p1140899 p1140901 p1140907 p1140910


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