Some Genealogy


St. Barnabas Church

I have been working on my family tree. My sixth great grandfather W Y Harbin was Born in Somerset England. So far I have not been able to find where/ when he first reached the new land. But I do know that he Lived in Maryland. He Lived in Bryantown MD. I found some Harbin’s in a grave yard there next to St Mary Roman Catholic Church, but so far can’t tell if they our kin to me. I guess at one time he lived in Prince Georges County MD and was married at Saint Barnabas Church.  We could not find any graves with the names Harbin in this cemetery. After talking with a lady at this church, she told us that it had burned and all the records back then were lost. Although we did find in a book that back in that time period their were a lot of graves un marked. So who knows. I was disappointed but just knowing he was in the very area of this church made me fill closer to him.

While at a library at Queen Ann Parish in Prince Georges County I found a couple interesting books. One of the books showed that one of my uncles, Charles Edward Villars Harbin was a Forman on a grand jury.

img_2851 img_2852

The next book talked about a Thomas Harbin. Not sure if he is kinfolk. This book is called Dr. Mudd and the Lincoln Assassination. Harbin was a confederate agent. Dr. Mudd requested him to come up from Virginia to meet with John Wilks Booth. I have not read the whole book so I hope he wasn’t directly involved with the assassination.




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  1. Somerset is a very beautiful place. Lots of pasture with long grass for the cattle but above all, it is the home of cider making. There is actually a song with the line “I come up from Somerset, where the cider apples grow”. Lots of English churches have very ancient records, sometimes even on line, so it’s worth googling people’s names or, if you know where it was in Somerset, trying to find the name of the church to contact them direct. Good luck, it’s a fascinating quest!

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  2. If you need help with looking up records let me know. I have found a William Harbin married Rhoda Philip, 3 Feb 1790 in St. John the baptist church Yeovil, witnessed by Robert & C. Harbin.

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      • I see family search has them with 7 children but no marriage or birth details, and I have not found anyone that early in Somerset yet, there are 5 possibles in Dorset, which is the adjoining county, between 1680 and 1691, some giving both parents but not conclusive. Sorry I could not help further.

        My online family tree –

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      • Thank you for looking at it for me. We would love to come over there and dig a little. If my memory is correct I have a Harbin family book that was handed down to me that has some of the information in it. Don’t know who made the book. Also I think I got some of the info from


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