Going to visit Annapolis Naval Academy

After we left Delaware we drove to Annapolis MD of course we had to goimg_2772 by the state capital there also. Our son had been here just last year and had told us of a place where we could get one of the best lobster rolls. The name was Mason’s Lobster Rolls. It was very very good and it came with coleslaw.

img_2783img_2787 img_2792 img_2793

Afterwards we went to a library so I could find some info on my 6th great grandfather who lived in Maryland back in the 1700. I did fined something in a book which said he lived in Prince Georges Co. MD.

The next morning we went to See the Naval Academy, the campus was beautiful and the chapel building and the dome on top to me was more impressive than the state capital.

p1140840 p1140841 p1140842 p1140844 p1140849


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