Native American Indian.

This day was August 22 which marked Charlotte and my 51st wedding anniversary. What a way to celebrate driving and looking up ancestors.

Here is the one reason that we came East the way we did. After doing some Genealogy I found that I have some Native American roots. My forth great grandmother was White Wing Nancy Cornstalk. Her great grand farther was Chief Cornstalk. This name was give to him by the white man because he was tall and thin like a cornstalk. His Indian name was Keigh taugh quah Hokoleskwa. He was of the Shawnee tribe. I had found that he was buried in Pleasant Point WV, which was just Virginia in 1777. Their is a monument there where he is buried. Heimg_2530 helped the white man fight against the long knives in 1774 was then murdered in 1777 along with one of his sons. It was so interesting being able to see where his final resting place was. it is located at Ft Randolph right along side of the Ohio river.



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