Map of my trip

I had one of my followers ask if I could show a map of our trip. I have been looking for a map of the US. I found this one on-line, I had to reduce it down so I could copy and print it. I have highlighted the route the best I could, seeing as how the map did not show all the highways. Anyway we traveled right at 5417 miles give or take a 100 or so. Thank all of you for following my blog.


The bluish line is where all we drove.


Heading Home.

After visiting the National Park there in Ohio, we talked about where to go next. We finely decided that it was time to head toward Amarillo. We headed Southwest and spent the night in Brazil IN.

The next morning up early and heading toward Oklahoma City. This was going to be a long days driving. We stopped for lunch somewhere in Missouri. We were spending the night in Oklahoma city, we should reach OKC sometime around 7pm. I called my niece to see if she could call her brother and meet us someplace for dinner. She said he was cooking out hamburgers and asked if we would join them. We had a great time seeing and visiting with them.

We slept in, then drove the last 260 miles home. This ended the 17 day and around 5417 mile trip.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

The next morning we drove to the Cuyahoga National Park. It was a beautiful area. The Boston Store is located here and is ran by the National Park service. This is where the Ohio and Erie Canal is at. The canal is dry now but back when it was first built back in 1820s and early 1830s.. We were told it took seven years to dig out by hand, and that it was only four feet deep. It opened up trade from Boston to Ohio. Brandywine Falls is located in the park.

p1150145 p1150146 p1150148


Going to Ohio

img_3091After leaving Watkins Glen we decided we go up to Mayfield Heights Ohio. The Garmin took us up to I 90 just East of Erie Pennsylvania. When we reached Erie you could see the lake from the highway. I told Charlotte well we have never seen the lake up close so I just left the highway and headed toward the lake. Charlotte said where are you going, I said I can see the water on the Garmin so I will just keep going until we get there. I finely found a street that ended over looking the lake. Oh yes the name of the street was Light House!

img_3092 img_3093

Afterwards back on the highway heading for Ohio.

Chang of Plan while on the Road

After leaving Bennington VT we head toward Buffalo NY. I had forgotten this was the Labor day weekend. As we got to Schenectady NY. Traffic was starting to get busy. Then when we got to Syracuse it was getting to be a mad house. We spotted a mall and pulled in to do a potty brake. while there we overheard some young people talking about the NY State Fair held there. Traffic coming in to Syracuse was bumper to bumper, so we decided to head south away from all this traffic. WE spent the night in Vestal NY.

We decided since we were close to the finger lakes we would just drive over top1150122 one of them. We set the Garmin for Watkins Glen NY. Charlotte had read about a water falls there. We stopped at the water fall, their was very little water coming down it. Their was a couple there, Charlotte talked with them, the lady told her that it was very sad. Due to a drought there just not enough water.

Lake Seneca was beautiful though. While Charlotte was walking around I talked with a man who was about go out on his boat. He was telling me that he has sailed from this lake up to lake Erie then through the Erie canal and then around to the Atlantic Ocean.

p1150129 p1150134



Stopping for Lunch

We made it to Bennington VT. It was lunch time plus there was an old church that Charlotte wanted to see. We found the cutest little hole in the wall called Lil’ Britain. We both ordered fish and chips, and we had col slaw which was likeimg_3066 pickled veggies. Ever thing was delicious, the breading on the fish was perfect, the fish had a wonderful flavor, I did not ask what kind of fish it was.

After eating we drove to the Old First Church. It is a beautiful church with a very old cemetery next to it.

p1150095 p1150099 p1150107


Where to Next

We had talked while in Concord NH. as to where we would go next. I said well we have seen the Niagara Falls from the Canada side so why don’t we go to Buffalo NY and see them from the US side.  Charlotte loves looking through our AAA books and she had read about the Franklin Pierce Homestead State Park so we put it in the Garmin and off we went. It was a beautiful home that had been refurbished and it had a lot of the original furnishings, we were not allowed to take pictures inside the house.

p1150089p1150090 p1150091

Portland ME

After leaving Acadia National Park and the Lighthouse we headed toward Portland. Back in 2013 we were on a cruse out of NY City up to Nova Scotia. Any way as we cruised on the way back down I had something to eat that made me sick. We docked in Portland and this was the second time now that we have been in Maine. I still hadn’t had any Maine lobster.

Enough about that sob story. We pulled into Portland and we had talked about that time on the cruse when we went to the Portland Lobster Co. So we went there this time and I finely got my Maine Lobster.

img_3042 img_3044 img_3046

When we finished with our lunch we drove over to the Portland Head Light. It was another beautiful Light house.

img_3052 img_3053 img_3059