Weight Up and Down

I guess the smallest I have ever been was when I was in the Navy. Boot camp got me down to if I remember around 170 pounds. After getting out of theDad, mom,_edited-1 service and back to my wife’s great cooking I ballooned up to around 245 pounds. I lived this way for several years until we both decided we need to lose weight. We went on weight watchers and I lost down to 180 pounds which was my goal weight. I could actually put on my Navy dress blue pants which has the 13 buttons, and I got them all buttoned but one.

Well now I am 70 years old and weigh 233 pounds. I have trouble bending over to even tie my shoes. So we both decided to get back on the Weight Watchers wagon.Β  We have only been on it a week now and I have lost a P1090239whopping 1.2 pounds, Woo Who. The main reason I am blogging this is so that may be I will stick with.


42 thoughts on “Weight Up and Down

    • That is true Linda. My wife is good trying to stick with. Me not so much. But so far so good, we don’t weigh in again till Friday. I di notice this morning as we were getting ready for church, that it was a little easier to bend over and tie my shoes. πŸ™‚ Jim


    • Thank you Mark. I am sure you can do it. The first time I did it with the wife she lost 150 pounds and I lost 75. Just hang in their and I will also. πŸ™‚ Jim


  1. Jim I am sorry to hear you are going through this.. I always read your blogs and enjoy your stories so much !
    I will be praying for to get well and have a healthy life so you can continue writing.
    Please keep us updated.. my thoughts and prayers are with you.. we love you all very much.

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    • Thank you Brenda we love y’all . Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I have had my second Chemo treatment now and I am felling much better. All I can say is God is in control giving me the strength carry on. πŸ™‚ Jim


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