Feeding the Chipmunks.

After seeing the fire house we walked next door where there was an old mine museum. My back and feet were hurting so I just took a seat out side while the family went inside. There were a lot of chipmunks hanging around. In fact they had a couple of what looked like candy machines at the entrance of the mine where you could buy seeds, or corn to feed the chipmunks.

When the boys came back out I gave them each 25 cents. They bought some of the food so they could feed the chipmunks. They loved it the chipmunks would come up and eat out of their hands. The boys got creative and let them craw up their legs or eat of their chest, it was great watching their reaction.

IMG_1674 IMG_1687 IMG_1711

We headed back to the camp sight and on the way we found a place to get some good ice cream. In fact Noah got what is called Superman ice cream. It was Red and Blue, he liked it but it did make a mess.


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