Seeing lost friends

You know I do get tired of all the junk we all get on Facebook. The only reason I ever got on FB was so I could keep up with my kids and grandkids. But just a few weeks ago a young lady had seen one of by post and commented on it then she friended me. Then she told her mom and dad and they sent a friend request.

It was so good to hear from them. My kids had made reservations at Fun Valley near South Fork Colorado several months ago. A few days before we were to leave I had seen on FB that Jerry and Jill was in South Fork with their daughter and two of their grandkids. I messaged them and told them we were coming up their the next week and how was the weather their. They messaged back saying that they would still be up there and to give them a call when we made it there. So after 27 years of not seeing them or even knowing where they lived we were able to meet and have a great visit. Come to find out they only live about two hours away from us so we plan on getting together again soon.

They had told us of a little town not to far away that we and the kids might enjoy seeing. So after leaving them we drove to Fun Valley to meet up with the kid’s. We told kids about our visit and where they had recommended to go. So we went into South Fork for lunch. Their was a little Mexican food restraint called Ramon’s Mexican Restaurant, The food was very good by the way, then we headed for Creede Colorado.

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4 thoughts on “Seeing lost friends

  1. I joined Facebook five years later than everyone else. I still don’t know what to make of it. I really don’t enjoy pictures of people’s surgery scars, broken bones, etc., or knowing that they are Facebooking from the men’s stall in the restroom at Red Lobster. Just not necessary. Those are the people I unfriend very quickly.

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