Camping With the Kids

We drove over to the kids house so we could convoy together. of course IMG_1629Mama wanted a selfie together with the grandkids. We had a 400 mile drive through the Texas Panhandle, New Mexico, and into Colorado. The kids had a camp site at Fun Valley RV Park. Mom and I really ruffed it we stayed in a Motel in South Fork Colorado which was about 12 miles west of Fun Valley. Ok just in our defense all the cabins and trailers that Fun Valley rents out was already taken and we don’t do tents for I would not be able to get up in the mornings,




16 thoughts on “Camping With the Kids

  1. I can’t say that I’m not disappointed that you don’t have the entire family sleeping in hammocks. Don’t the US Navy do that any more? More seriously, it’s a great idea to give your kids good memories which they will have for the rest of their lives and tell their own grandchildren about.

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  2. You have a very beautiful website. I look forward to coming back and reading more. Please stop by mine and if you like, follow back.


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